So who's the biggest chimp?

  Cymro. 15:00 09 May 2019

BBC link

So what do you make of this then? I am no fan of Royalty but then this Baker chap is an idiot at the best of time.

  Belatucadrus 15:28 09 May 2019

His claim that the racist elements "Didn't occur to him until they were pointed out" is disingenuous at best. It's not that long since Roseanne Barr turned her successful career relaunch on its head and crashed and burned dramatically over similar stuff. Chances of Danny Baker being unaware of this near zero, an arrogant man who thought he could get away with anything, horribly surprised to find he can't and furiously trying to blame anybody and everybody else for his demise rather than accept the buck stops with him.

I used to listen to him back on Radio 5 but lost track of him after he went to Radio 1.

  Archie Harrison 16:11 09 May 2019

Reminds me of the comment Half-Breeds which had to be deleted on this thread by a certain member of this community. Another idiot lurks here. See if you can guess who.

  wee eddie 17:28 09 May 2019

AH: Quick off the mark, there. Congratulations

  Quickbeam 17:40 09 May 2019

Is that the same Archie as Harry's son...?

  Flat Earther 18:29 09 May 2019

Archie, wrong thread, was the OP in this one click here

  Forum Editor 05:19 10 May 2019

He's a very silly man if he thought he could do this without there being any repercussion.

  Cymro. 13:03 10 May 2019

BBc link

He's still at it but says he's sorry mind you with the money he will loose I would also be sorry mind you I dare say he will soon be back at work in some other secondrate radio atation.

  daz60 09:04 12 May 2019

As a believer in Evolution i wonder what impact this controversy will have on depictions of ape and man,satirical cartoons abound from the 19th century onwards with the Darwinian view being ridiculed ceaselessly in the press.

Never listened to the man but to state that "i did not know" from someone in the media all his life is pure ignorance or self serving flatulence,the Police rightly should investigate and act accordingly.

  Cymro. 09:11 12 May 2019

daz60 the Police rightly should investigate and act accordingly.

Possibly so but what exactly would they charge him with?

  daz60 10:29 12 May 2019

That it what an investigation is for,if found to have commited an offence of 'racist behaviour' or 'hate crime' ,which foorball fans have been charged with, then prosecute. His view is it was a comment on class and privilige in which case there are far better ways of expressing discontent.

citizens advice looking here it seems the Police have a broad view of what constitutes racist or hate crimes.

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