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So who do you want to do this job then?

  Cymro. 11:15 10 Sep 2019

BBC link

As Commons Speaker John Bercow is to stand down (never popular on this Forum) who would you like to do the job? Labour's Harriet Harman is just a suggestion in the link above and not a particular favorite of mine. I rather hope they get someone who is a bit of a character.

  Dunk 11:56 10 Sep 2019

I agree, Bercow has been a good Speaker, certainly for backbenchers though not necessarily for the executive.

Difficult at present to see which of the current crop of MPs would be able to control the House.

  wee eddie 12:13 10 Sep 2019

Bercow has been a disaster as, when it came to the EU debacle, he allowed his Remain beliefs to become ascendant and he was no longer neutral which, as Speaker, was an integral part of his "Terms of Employment"

As for Harriet Harman, I don't agree with her on any number of matters but, I think that she would be able to maintain a neutral stance through most, if not all, situations.

  rickf 12:48 10 Sep 2019

I suspect few can maintain a neutral stance in this passionate atmosphere. Indeed, there will always be bias at the best of times. The idea if total neutrality is a fantasy. One is always influenced one way or another in varying degrees, knowingly or unknowingly.

  Govan1x 12:49 10 Sep 2019

Definately Pete Wishart for the job.

Scotland want another referendum and they will get it if he is speaker.

Now saying that Scotland want another referendum and Boris does not want them to have one.

Running down Boris last night in the house of commons was maybe not the right thing to do. if Boris gets back in the likelihood of them getting one would be slim.

Scotland has always been well known to speak the english language better than the English. But I would imagine it will need to be another labour speaker who gets the job.

I have been Highly impressed with most of the speakers that we have had recently.

I thought John Bercow did a great job but the rumours that he was no longer neutral leaves me in doubt about his last session as Speaker.

He knew that he was going and said so himself. Was this a way for him to go in a blaze of glory.

Myself I don't know. Up to now i thought he perfect at his job, But now doubts arise.

The way I see it if he had done anything wrong it would have ended in a court case.

It didn't so have to assume everything he did was legal.

  Dunk 13:15 10 Sep 2019


If I thought giving Wishart the job would rid us of those expensive Scots, then I'm all for it.

We are told it costs us billions each year, of English money, why on earth does the PM want to hold onto Scotland, against the will of more than half of them, at least? It doesn't make financial sense.

This latest debacle in closing Parliament will, no doubt, have persuaded more Scots to want to break away - maybe they have a point when you see how our MPs were behaving last night. Win/win!

  Quickbeam 14:02 10 Sep 2019

Whoever gets the job it will annoy Boris intensely that the speaker will have to come from the current intakes rebellious selection rather than to engineer a puppet newbie for Cummings to pull the strings on!

  Al94 20:01 10 Sep 2019

Lindsay Hoyle is the obvious choice, absolutely not Harman.

  Quickbeam 06:50 11 Sep 2019

Whoever it is, Bercow has proved the worth of the Speaker being strong willed, whether you approve of him or not, Vs a government lackey speaker.

  Forum Editor 11:48 13 Sep 2019

Bercow was an appalling Speaker - flagrantly biased, and with an ego the size of a planet.

Harriet Harman would be good. She's enormously experienced. Lindsay Hoyle would also be good. He is currently favourite in the betting, with Harriet lying second.

Either of them would be infinitely better than the showboating Bercow.

  Quickbeam 19:29 13 Sep 2019

Whether a showboater or not, whether a tad biased or not or whether a pompous twit or not, he's certainly proved the worth of a speaker that's not afraid of his own original party in government when it tries to flagrantly cajole and stymy (my current word of the year contender so far) the commons into kowtowing (last year's word of the year) to it's chanceful Brexit handling.

The one great legacy of Bercow is that future speakers will now be expected to stand strong against bullying governments even if being accused of bias while doing their duty to Parliament.

I think history will be kind to him.

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