So where have all the Posters gone then?

  Cymro. 13:02 13 Feb 2018

I was off the Forum for a few years but when I returned I could not help but notice that there seemed to less people on it than there used to be. I bought this up on some posting or other and the F.E. agreed and said yes there is less use of the Forum than there was. So why is this so? and what can be done to encourage more members to post? Assuming we want more postings that is. I reckon that more people posting would widen the debate and a new point of view should always be welcome. I think I read somewhere that less use is now made of sights such as Twitter and Facebook so perhaps this Forum is just part of a wider trend and that one day there will be no Social Media.

  Menzie 19:45 14 Feb 2018

Social media isn't for me, there is only so much duck-lip pose photos I can take.

Likewise with pics of food and children.

When we go out to eat my other half likes to take photos of the food to post online. I'm there hurrying her up as I want to actually taste the food not look at it!

  Belatucadrus 19:46 14 Feb 2018

Click Here Don't knock it till you've tried it, though it is a bit nippy at the moment.

  Aitchbee 19:59 14 Feb 2018

Belatucadrus, you're last link had me in stitches ...

  onthelimit1 20:14 14 Feb 2018

Now aitchbee - don't get needled or you'll lose the thread.

  oresome 08:58 15 Feb 2018

I'm at my happiest when I'm grumpy and conversing with like minded grumps.

Where will I migrate to when this forum finally withers?

  geoff96 09:37 15 Feb 2018

There is lifeboats if things sink.

enter link description here

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