So where have all the Posters gone then?

  Cymro. 13:02 13 Feb 2018

I was off the Forum for a few years but when I returned I could not help but notice that there seemed to less people on it than there used to be. I bought this up on some posting or other and the F.E. agreed and said yes there is less use of the Forum than there was. So why is this so? and what can be done to encourage more members to post? Assuming we want more postings that is. I reckon that more people posting would widen the debate and a new point of view should always be welcome. I think I read somewhere that less use is now made of sights such as Twitter and Facebook so perhaps this Forum is just part of a wider trend and that one day there will be no Social Media.

  Govan1x 09:38 14 Feb 2018


That was back to the good old days when you posted something and you waited to see who was going to criticize it first.

Someone mentioned that the posts are not as good nowadays just a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with the poster. I think if the agenda is politics that's when it can get a bit heated and more interesting.

I also think Scotland should be Independent and instead of Scotland just voting for it England should also be allowed to vote as well. That way Scotland would definitely get their Independence. What do you think.

  Flak999 11:15 14 Feb 2018

Ah, the Scottish question! Personally I am pretty ambivalent to the question, if you jocks wish to go it alone then by all means get on with it. However Nicola seems to have gone very quiet on the subject doesn't she?

Perhaps she realises that without the black gold from the North sea and the money we lavish on you all courtesy of the Barnett formula, all of her grandiose plans of giving the Scottish people everything for free just can't be sustained by the income generated from Scotch whiskey alone!

fourm member always used to get in a state of high dudgeon when we discussed Scotland so perhaps this will flush him from the undergrowth? ;-)

  Belatucadrus 11:44 14 Feb 2018

income generated from Scotch whiskey alone!

Don't forget to add the other big cash cows to the formula :- Porridge, Irn Bru, Haggis and Tunnock's teacakes. When these are taken into account Nicolas plan to have sequential referenda until they get the answer right can be looked at with a more positive eye.

  john bunyan 12:08 14 Feb 2018


I agree and miss the ding dongs with not only fourm member but also, on Scotland particularly, with spider~9 . A quite serious pair of speakers corner contributors with whom to sharpen one’s wits. If they are out there, come back in disguise!

  Forum Editor 12:28 14 Feb 2018


"Most of these posts here are fake anyway."

Really - you have some special insight that enables you to know that, do you?

Or are you simply talking complete nonsense?

I know which of the two gets my vote.

  Forum Editor 12:47 14 Feb 2018

"I think if the agenda is politics that's when it can get a bit heated and more interesting."

Over the life of the forum we have tended to experiment where politics is concerned - initially we didn't allow any political discussion because it is a recipe for trouble. Arguments can rapidly become heated, and then degenerate into personal insulting sessions.

Later on, I adopted a laissez-faire approach, and the resultant heated debates sometimes simmered along for days. Personal insults abounded, and of course some people just didn't recognise a red light when it was shown to them - they completely ignored private warnings, and were subsequently banned.

Why aren't there greater numbers of younger people here? Because they are all using social media on their phones - they aren't particularly interested in old-technology web forum discussions. That, plus the fact that perhaps they are not particularly interested in talking about what they have in their attics, or the intricacies of the Brexit process. There's more fun to be had elsewhere.

Traffic-building on the web is entirely related to providing plenty of quality content that is relevant to the target audience. Talk a lot about how to bring up children, and you stand a chance of attracting young parents. Have lots of threads about football, and you'll gather football fans.

It isn't rocket science in theory, but where do you get all that relevant content, if not from the kinds of people you want to attract? That's the tricky bit - getting the ball rolling. It can be incredibly frustrating.

Successful web forums are driven as much by the people who use them as by the people who run them.

Over to you.

  Govan1x 13:42 14 Feb 2018

Forum editor maybe you should give some of those that you band a reprieve and let them back in to see how long they would last.

They may have gone a bit overboard with some of their remarks, But one thing I can say about them was that they were never dull.

There were 4 or 5 from north of the border who were a bit outspoken but always interesting to listen to, saying that I believe Spider was English but stayed in Scotland hope I got that right.

No doubt when Independence is on the cards again they may return.

So now we know why Speakers Corner is so dull the forum is short of Jock's.

  Forum Editor 17:02 14 Feb 2018

"Forum editor maybe you should give some of those that you band a reprieve and let them back in to see how long they would last."

People who are banned can do one of three things - they can say 'it's their loss' and move on, they can re-register with a different username and email address, or they can contact me and ask me to lift the ban. Usually, I'm happy to oblige once I have an assurance that our rules will be observed - many people have returned over the years.

  Menzie 17:29 14 Feb 2018

I put it down to one simple fact. Times must and does change, the role of a forum in today's world has changed rapidly.

During the infancy of the internet chat rooms and instant messaging were the big thing along with forums.

Now those methods of communication have stepped aside to social media sites.

People come and go, as life goes on and new events arise some simply disappear.

I'm fairly new to the site but have seen how politics and solutions on terrorism can quickly escalate and turn nasty.

  Quickbeam 19:20 14 Feb 2018

These old style forums are destined to follow the demise of the dinosaurs.

The future is in live chat with push notifications, avatars and all that stuff. That is all on Facebook and Twitter etc. Biking groups, skateboarding groups and even outdoor nude crochet groups work that way... we're doomed... aye... we're all doomed I tell ye!

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