So where have all the Posters gone then?

  Cymro. 13:02 13 Feb 2018

I was off the Forum for a few years but when I returned I could not help but notice that there seemed to less people on it than there used to be. I bought this up on some posting or other and the F.E. agreed and said yes there is less use of the Forum than there was. So why is this so? and what can be done to encourage more members to post? Assuming we want more postings that is. I reckon that more people posting would widen the debate and a new point of view should always be welcome. I think I read somewhere that less use is now made of sights such as Twitter and Facebook so perhaps this Forum is just part of a wider trend and that one day there will be no Social Media.

  Forum Editor 13:20 13 Feb 2018

"perhaps this Forum is just part of a wider trend"

We still get plenty of posts in the other forum areas, it's Speakers Corner which has seen a decrease in the number of posts. Lots of people watch the goings on without actually contributing - the so-called 'lurkers'.

Why has it happened? The world has changed, and nowadays people have other ways in which they can communicate. Mobile phones are the default communication devices of millions, and social media are being used by a generation of people who were still babies when our forums first came on the scene, early in 2000. Those people have never used web forums - Facebook first saw the light of day in 2004, followed two years later by Twitter - they went straight into social media.

Computer problems have not gone away however, and that's why the other forum areas remain relatively busy.

  Toneman 15:22 13 Feb 2018

These days one has to take one's words out of one's mouth to examine them carefully before releasing them to anyone else, then, in most cases put them back and leave them unsaid...

  lotvic 15:36 13 Feb 2018

Quite so Toneman, I find myself doing the same more often than not.

  Govan1x 16:14 13 Feb 2018

Nothing like a good political post on here to get everyone on there toes. You still get a bit of bickering at times but not half as bad as it used to.

  Quickbeam 17:31 13 Feb 2018

This is the only old style forum that I still use. That's probably because it's a lot more sensible that any of social media current topics posts.

But it is dying, I only visit once or twice a week now, at one time I would visit 3/4 times a day.

  bremner 19:39 13 Feb 2018

This is not a criticism but an observation.

Although not exclusively this forum has the appearance of a small club of similarly aged and minded men who could often be best described as “grumpy old men” of very fixed views and opinions

The topics are repetitive with really little new being said.

I must admit I am often surprised that IDG have actually kept it going.

I still regularly visit and could probably be best described as a lurker who occasionally posts.

  canarieslover 19:58 13 Feb 2018

Perhaps the average age of the forum user, especially in Speakers Corner, is increasing. It is also noticeable that quite a few of the regular posters have disappeared over the years, whether due to disinterest or death I don't know but I suspect it is unfortunately quite a lot of the latter.

  Teabag. 21:46 13 Feb 2018

" whether due to disinterest or death "

Some of the lively posters over stepping and being banned.

  Flak999 23:49 13 Feb 2018

I blame it all on the demise of 'fourm member' remember all of those mammoth threads on the general election, Nigel Farage and the Brexit referendum? I have just been rereading a few of them, (have a search through your posts and see what fun we had!)

Since he and a few others went things have got very boring!

  morddwyd 09:29 14 Feb 2018

I agree that forums change, just as the most lively conversations occasionally get a lull.

However, to me, lust a personal view, this forum has become quite boring and too like other forums, with some f the stuff quite puerile. Not much here now to gain international awards, or to attract serious journalists such as KateB.

The solution is in our own hands, of course, to introduce less boring topics, but, on a personal level posting is so difficult (this one has so far taken twenty minutes) that I have to make a determined effort to post.

The world moves on.

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