So where do you buy your books these days?

  Cymro. 12:47 07 Sep 2018

Waterstones is buying the 115 year-old family-owned chain Foyles, saying the deal will help to "champion" real bookshops in the face of online rivals. I must admit I use Amazon but there used to be three bookshops in this one small town now there are only the one. It is not all down to the Internet as the supermarkets have taken at least some of the business that used to be done at the High St. bookshops.

  Teabag. 15:20 07 Sep 2018

We were in Barter Books in July. My wife quite liked a book on Short Novelette Poems. It had a 75p pencil mark in the frontess page, I expect that was the charity shop price, I enquired Barter Books price. £34.

We didn't bother getting it.

  Teabag. 15:21 07 Sep 2018

Sorry for the duplication. The site is a bit hit and miss at the moment.

  Pine Man 15:52 07 Sep 2018

Used to buy them in charity shops until I got a Kindle now all my books are read on the Kindle.

I do a lot of cruises and get through several books each time which would be a real pain with printed books. Also most of my reading is in bed which is much easier with a Kindle as lights would keep my wife awake!

  Brumas 17:38 07 Sep 2018

Teabag., that as may be but I have had no complaints in the 18 years I have been with them. They have treated me fairly often allowing me, what I think are daft prices, on the books I have brought in - be them from Charity Shops or my own reading material.

  Teabag. 18:59 07 Sep 2018

I remember when if first opened, early 90's. It was 92 or 93 when we first visited, I remember because I took my brother a few times and be passed away in 97. We had/ have friends in Alnwick and surrounding areas, so we visited quite often.

I remember when it was quite small, just a select few racks of books.

We would have been happy to pay £6 to £10 for the book but it wasn't anything special, not at that price.

  Forum Editor 18:23 08 Sep 2018

I feel a slight sense of guilt in saying that all my book purchases are now for my Kindle. it's just so convenient, and it's cheaper than buying the dead tree versions of books.

I was interested to discover that when Foyles first opened, they ran a system whereby you paid 3d (in old money) for a novel, and received 2d back when you returned the book after reading it.

The system can't have been very popular with authors, but Foyles obviously made money from it.

  KEITH 1955 13:42 09 Sep 2018

I visit a place called Cromarty on the black isle of Scotland every year I once found a book in the apartment all about the history of the village. The price on the back was £4.50p. I searched local shops to try and buy it but was told it was out of print.

I looked on amazon and saw it on sale for £2,400 obviously it was a misprint I rang amazon and asked them to contact the seller as there was no way a thin paperback would cost that much. They refused to do so and just said the seller sets the price.

About 2 years later I saw the book again on amazon posted by a dealer , it was £2 so I got 3 as presents.

I work for a company who makes vending machines , we supplied a chain I cant say who , with a machine that vended books at airports , they only bought 10 from us and ended the contract because the people who filled them up were loosing a small fortune , it turned out that street wise people discovered that certain foreign coins that were valued at a few pence in our country were registering in the machines as £2 coins.

  Smudge120 16:56 09 Sep 2018

I buy books from a local shop which only sells second hand books. I get three for a pound. Take them back when I have ead them. The books are sorted into different catories. I like detectives and thrillers. Also where we go dancing members exchange books. Have not bout one for several years. I alos go cruising and take at least one with me. Find very few books in the libraries on shipsnow. Theyare not making money.

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