So where do you buy your books these days?

  Cymro. 12:47 07 Sep 2018

Waterstones is buying the 115 year-old family-owned chain Foyles, saying the deal will help to "champion" real bookshops in the face of online rivals. I must admit I use Amazon but there used to be three bookshops in this one small town now there are only the one. It is not all down to the Internet as the supermarkets have taken at least some of the business that used to be done at the High St. bookshops.

  Cymro. 12:49 07 Sep 2018
  Govan1x 13:12 07 Sep 2018

My daughter went shopping with us yesterday at Tesco's and had 3 books in her basket at the checkout.

So would prove that supermarkets are taking there share of book sales.

  john bunyan 13:26 07 Sep 2018

I usually use Waterstones, as I like to browse

  wee eddie 13:32 07 Sep 2018

Fraid I use the Library. I'm too mean (tight) to buy a book that I may only read a few chapters before putting it down forever

  Teabag. 13:47 07 Sep 2018

We go to Waterstones at least once a week and sometimes twice.

90% of books bought come from Waterstones.

  Blackhat 14:04 07 Sep 2018

I live on a very busy high street that has 7 charity shops all with book stands but I tend to use mainly one which is purely a book shop, good turn over of stock & I usually take them back if not passing on to family, I buy 3-4 a fortnight. Never spend more than £1.75 per book. If I am seeking a special item I use ebay.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:32 07 Sep 2018

With 4 thousand e books on my PC for the kindle I don't expect to ever buy a book again :0)

However last two I bought were from supermarket to complete a series I had been reading on the kindle. Before that books were bought from Waerstones and WH smiths for grandsons Christmas and birthday presents.

  Brumas 14:40 07 Sep 2018

I don't buy books new anymore since moving up here. When we moved from a three bed, two storey house into a two bed bungalow we had boxes and boxes of books for which we could no longer find space.

The nextdoor neighbour mentioned Barter Books (the second largest secondhand bookshop in the UK) in Alnwick click here . Over a couple of weeks we 'disposed' of our books and ended up £120 in credit. So nowadays we take our books in, buy more books and generally the amount we have in 'credit' is around £170 - £200 - we can't go wrong as we are both avid readers. I tend to have five on the go at once, all fact - I don't read fiction anymore and Fran just the one.

Whenever the children/grandchildren come up to visit we generally end up at Barters and I generally say "take books to the value£30 or £40 each" knowing that no money changes hands!

1]: [click here

  Brumas 14:45 07 Sep 2018

Oh, I forgot to mention that Barter Books occupies the former Alnwick Railway Station which they have kept original as possible - to me, an old Spain Trotter it is marvellous.

  Teabag. 15:18 07 Sep 2018

We were in Barter Books in July. My wife quite liked a book on Short Novelette Poems. It had a 75p pencil mark in the frontess page, I expect that was the charity shop price, I enquired Barter Books price. £34.

We didn't bother getting it.

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