So when did you stop posting for help?

  Cymro. 14:11 16 Jan 2017

Had my first computer in 2006 and learned just about all I know about computers from the Help Forums on this site. I came back on the site after being off for a few years only to realise that one of the reasons I hadn't been on was because I was having no problems with my computer. So I assume there must have been a point at which I become proficient enough on computers to fly solo.

Now in no way am I suggesting that I `or much of anyone else gets to know all there is to know about computing. Is that the sort of way things worked out for you re. your learning about computing. I assume that some of you are professional computer users and so go on here to help us less well informed. But professionals apart how long was it before you found less use for the Help section on this site?

  Old Deuteronomy 16:08 16 Jan 2017

I've never been one for asking for a lot of help I've always been someone who likes to be self sufficient. Increasing experience, since Autumn 1999, means I can usually fix things myself. I only ask for help if I can't fix something and much searching gets me nowhere, fortunately that happens very rarely now.

  Belatucadrus 16:18 16 Jan 2017

Last technical help question I placed was on RAM speeds back in 2004, I asked an Access question in 2005 and nothing more until my Linux Mint installation went belly up after an update last year.

Like Old Deuteronomy I like sorting stuff myself and am quite capable of losing the odd day here or there trying the DIY approach rather than admit I'm stuffed and ask for help. Fortunately practise and a Practical Computing HND along with more stable operating systems have minimised problem solving time.

  QuizMan 17:41 16 Jan 2017

Google and YouTube cover my basic needs usually.

  Ex plorer 18:09 16 Jan 2017

Google can solve many problems because of sites like this.

  Aitchbee 19:35 16 Jan 2017

I'm currently borrowing a book from the local library called Fixing Your Computer Absolute Beginner's Guide [2014]. It's nice to refresh one's memory on how to go about things without looking at a computer screen ;o]

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:48 16 Jan 2017

Computers are much more reliable nowadays so we see less posts than we did.

However they are complicated and I am sure I'll never learn everything about them.

I currently have a thread running in help room, I google before posting and can often solve problems this way however can be useful to learn from others experiences.

  oresome 20:41 16 Jan 2017

The problem arises when the broken PC is the only household device that connects to the internet.

  bumpkin 21:14 16 Jan 2017

The problem arises when the broken PC is the only household device that connects to the internet.

Who lives in that situation these days.

  Cymro. 14:51 17 Jan 2017

**The problem arises when the broken PC is the only household device that connects to the internet. Who lives in that situation these days.**

Well there's me for a start

  Forum Editor 18:02 17 Jan 2017

Millions of people have more than one device that connects to the internet. Often, a family home will have a couple of laptops, two or three smartphones, and a tablet.

The simple truth is that computers - or more correctly computer operating systems - are far more reliable now, than they were when our forums first saw the light of day. The result is fewer problems, particularly when it comes to smartphones; they simply go on working, day in and day out.

Laptops now easily outnumber desktops, and because there is less likelihood of people tinkering with the hardware components we see far fewer hardware-related questions in the Helproom forum. It's mostly software related stuff, and can usually be fixed fairly easily.

That said, we still see a lot of threads in the Tech-related forum areas because we are visited by so many people - we are the largest tech forum in Europe, and our website content reaches an average of 14 million people every month.

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