So what's the worst films...

  Quickbeam 10:52 02 Jun 2007

This trio get my vote click here

  Kate B 10:56 02 Jun 2007

Oh, heavens. Crash - the film made of the JG Ballard movies - was beyond terrible. Pretentious, deeply unsexy ... when it finished someone in the cinema said "thank God!" very loudly and everyone laughed.

Black Snake Moan - out now, Christina Ricci, Samuel L Jackson - is also a pile of steaming ordure. And I hated Closer, too - the film adaptation of the Patrick Marber play. Horrible people being horrible to each other.

  picklsey 10:57 02 Jun 2007

gone with the wind

  Legolas 12:13 02 Jun 2007

Now this is going back a few years but I once went to see Fame with a Girlfriend.

She loved the series on the telly I hated it but being the gentleman I agreed to take her to see it, the film was so bad that not only did I fall asleep but she did too. I awoke to see her fast asleep when she wakened we agreed it was time to go. Bad movie.

  Brumas 12:23 02 Jun 2007

That one they showed us all in the Army about the perils of 'unsafe sex' !!!

  sunny staines 13:06 02 Jun 2007

space odessy 2001. the arthur c clark film.

  DrScott 13:19 02 Jun 2007

wins my vote for being one of the worst and most boring films ever made. It's a film where nothing happens.

  Belatucadrus 14:40 02 Jun 2007

"Battlefield Earth" in which assorted scientologist actors including the Oscar winning Forest Whittaker take one of L Rons fairly stinky books and somehow manage to make a film that's considerably worse.

"BloodRayne" a film of the game made by the astoundingly incompetent Uwe Boll, so full of clichés it makes Hammer films look art house.

"E.T." Pretentious drivel, how the hell do people get all emotional about a waddling pile of vacuum cleaner tubing with a glowing finger ?

  €dstowe 22:30 02 Jun 2007

Any and all of the output of Ed Wood.

click here

  Kev.Ifty 23:37 02 Jun 2007

A couple of films (which were supposed to be good) that I could not watch to the end and have no wish to try again. Titanic and that Four Weddings and a Funeral thing.

Going on Legolas' 'Falling asleep measure'. They rate very high for me. ZZZZZZ

  Belatucadrus 00:18 03 Jun 2007

How dare you mock the mighty Ed, Plan 9 is a work of genius and Tor Johnson click here may be the best actor never to win an Oscar.

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