So what are you doing this Easter Monday

  Legolas 12:37 24 Mar 2008

I am going to spend a nice lazy day on the couch playing computer games and popping in and out of the forum.

Yesterday I went to Arran with my Brother and niece and climbed Goat Fell the highest Mountain on Arran at 2868ft only 132ft short of a Munro.

The weather was mainly dry and sunny although near the summit we had a couple of heavy snow showers and very high gusty winds. I'm nor as fit as I was and found it quite tough going but all in all very enjoyable. I have posted some pics if anyone wants a look

click here

click here

click here

click here

  Legolas 12:43 24 Mar 2008

Sorry about the repeat pic thought it was a different one. This one

click here

  Quickbeam 12:45 24 Mar 2008

Feeding my internet addiction...

I've already been 5 miles along the riverbank this morning, man & dog completely knackered!

  polish 12:53 24 Mar 2008

needed a bit of turf for the garden so went to [email protected] place was heaving thought no one was spending money nice to get out in the garden though

  Quickbeam 13:37 24 Mar 2008

Now watching 'The Longest day', I didn't realise it was on... not to worry the naval bombardment has only just started.

  Totally-braindead 13:40 24 Mar 2008

I just ordered a new radio control plane as its on a special for Easter. Sadly the weather has been so lousy I've hardly got out flying.
Today it looks beautiful, lovely and sunny but go outside and with the wind chill factor it feels like its the Arctic. BRRRRR.

  Legolas 13:54 24 Mar 2008

I know what you mean about the wind chill factor, yesterday on our walk it would be lovely and sunny and quite mild then within seconds the snow and wind had arrived and the temperature plummeted, I couldn't feel my face it was so numb with the cold, then after a few minutes the squall had passed and the sun had come out again.

  Totally-braindead 14:03 24 Mar 2008

Its lightly snowing now. I was due to go down to the shops this PM but I think I'll give it a miss.

  spuds 14:26 24 Mar 2008

I think that I will do the usual, basically doing nothing of importance on these chilly days :o)

Did purchase a new rucksack on-line yesterday, ready for the warmer weather.I won't be climbing any mountains or extremely steep inclines though, getting to old in the tooth and joints :O)

  Bingalau 14:57 24 Mar 2008

I took the boss for a bit of retail therapy. Now we're back and I've just devoured a couple of lamb butties and a nice cup of coffee. I think I will just laze about for the rest of the day as it's too cold outside. The garden can wait, who knows, if it snows mine will look just as good as everybody Else's.

  Al94 15:04 24 Mar 2008

It's too cold to bother going out, weather not nice and diesel too expensive now to just "go for a drive" so I'm also fuelling internet addiction and staying out of wife's way whos getting the ironing up to date. Nice big sirloins defrosting at the moment for later.

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