So in or out your still stuck with this

  Cymro. 11:51 27 Mar 2019

BBC link

The Department for Transport said the system would also apply in the UK, despite Brexit.

  john bunyan 13:02 27 Mar 2019

I think this is a good measure; I assume that “Blue Lights “ vehicles would be able to override such a system.

  wee eddie 13:16 27 Mar 2019

I can see plenty of objections from the Petrol Heads, but have none myself.

However: Younger drivers who are, statistically, the largest cause of accidents, usually drive older vehicles which will not be fitted with this system for years, if ever.

  caccy 15:43 27 Mar 2019

Plenty of electronics and software in them then.

Nothing can possibly go wrong, go wrong, go wrong.

  hastelloy 15:51 27 Mar 2019

I think we place too much emphasis on speed. What we should be concentrating on is improving driving standards. A good driver always drives at a speed which is sensible for his/her skills, the capabilities of the vehicle and road conditions.

I believe that the current driving test should be followed by 2 years on "P" plates after which an advanced test should be compulsory every 3 or 5 years.

  Redfords 16:00 27 Mar 2019

As a young driver I can only say this will make roads safer which is the best thing for everyone

  canarieslover 16:24 27 Mar 2019

Goodbye to sales of Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and any other sports cars. I can see that the value of older unrestricted ones will rocket while the manufacturers go out of business. I would hate to be involved with the automotive industry nowadays as I feel that will be the final nail in the coffin for some.

  Old Deuteronomy 16:46 27 Mar 2019

The speed limiter function is expected to be able to be turned off by the driver. I agree with the AA view, the technology expected to be approved and made compulsory in new cars will lead to drivers paying less attention, believing the car will keep them safe all the time. There have already been accidents because of drivers relying too much on Tesla's limited self driving functions.

  Quickbeam 18:13 27 Mar 2019

The real value of a GPS limited vehicle would be in stopping you creeping above the limit on an empty road where you don't notice that happening. It's inevitable that with autonomous cars on the horizon, we'll move more in this direction including black box data recorders that can indicate your driving style prior to a crash.

I agree that speed isn't the biggest danger on the road, for me it's the number of people that run red lights by many seconds, and the drivers with their heads down intently because they're looking at a phone screen.

Regarding the end of supercars, well I think the end is already nigh for them with the move towards electric cars. Who's going to buy a Ferrari that sounds like a milk float...?

  lotvic 18:17 27 Mar 2019

KEITH 1955, yes he's telling the truth. Black box insurance, the device also assesses your driving style by monitoring braking and cornering.

  BT 09:16 28 Mar 2019

My car has a Cruise Control and also a speed limiter. Cruise Control is marginally useful but as I rarely go on motorways or the like it really doesn't get used. The speed limiter which I can set to whatever I want is, to put it bluntly, very scary. I tried it once and when it kicked in and the car didn't respond to the accelerator it was the last time I used it.

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