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So now that we've Brexited ...

  Quickbeam 20:38 25 Jun 2016

What happens now?

There was no business plan offered during the campaigning, and so far there is little indication of one now.

The EU wants us gone asap. Cameron has left the planning to his successor, presumably this could be a poisoned challis. The most likely successor insists that there is no hurry. That makes me think that they've been taken completely by surprise. And think a better deal to remain might be forth coming.

My gut feeling is that the EU will not in any way consider this with a major nation.

The opposition leader is coming under great pressure to be gone, presumably people are sensing a general election, and Corbyn is a dead duck opposition leader.

It's suggested that Boris or Gove have become too divisive to succeed as PM in a country that is spilt in every social group.

The possible break up of the Home Union is back on the cards with Sturgeons preparatory legislation for a Scottish Indy Ref II, and in NI, Sinn Fein have mentioned a reunification of Ireland.

It looks all set to go full on tit up to me!

  morddwyd 11:11 04 Oct 2016

"There are people in life who just can't avoid being surrounded by a cloud of negativity. They'll look at almost any situation, and find cause to whinge and find fault, and generally find nothing good to say."

That's a bit unfair.

I've contributed hardly anything to this thread!

  Quickbeam 12:19 04 Oct 2016


I wonder what the reaction of the other 25 will be towards special status and opt outs for a country in the British Isles?

Any arrangement between NI & Eira will by default include the UK as a whole as we are free to visit NI at any time, and presumably will be entitled to use whatever easy access the population of NI has.

  Forum Editor 18:50 04 Oct 2016


As Dostoevsky said: "The cleverest of all, in my opinion, is the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month."

  oresome 19:09 04 Oct 2016

Anyone who thinks all the detail will be resolved in the 2 year time frame from next March is deluded.

I can envisage this breakup being a lucrative gravy train for negotiators for years to come and I doubt we'll see much change from the E.U. membership fee once all the other expenses are taken into consideration.

  Quickbeam 19:34 04 Oct 2016

Steady on oresome or you'll be accused of being a depressive defeatist...

  Forum Editor 13:27 05 Oct 2016

"Anyone who thinks all the detail will be resolved in the 2 year time frame from next March is deluded."

Nevertheless, that is the period laid down in the Lisbon Treaty, unless the European Council and our government unanimously agree to extend the negotiation period.

  john bunyan 10:57 21 Oct 2016

It is now clear that the 27 will not allow us to have all the "single market" privileges without "free movement". Frankfurt are in discussions with some bankers to move there from London. Clearly, as we import more goods to them than we export, a deal on goods is likely, but we still seem slow to get on with it. I note that, should Scotland secede from the UK that their exports are 65% or more to UK, so that may be an issue later.

The 27 are naturally unlikely to listen to us in matters that are likely to occur post true Brexit, in spite of May saying we remain full members for now.

  Teabag. 11:23 21 Oct 2016

" in spite of May saying we remain full members for now."

Well we are until we formally apply to leave.

"It is now clear that the 27 will not allow us to have all the "single market" privileges without "free movement"."

Was that not always the case / threat.

It might be time to say, OK we go and stand on our own 2 feet as the EU crumbles.

click here

  Aitchbee 23:33 21 Oct 2016

So we'd better get used to a lot more of this 'Brexit' arguing,

... and it's even worse if you voted to remain [ a moaner ]

  morddwyd 10:02 22 Oct 2016

If ever there was a reason why we should leave the creaking bureaucratic juggernaut which the EU has become it is the current situation over the Canada trade deal

This major deal, of benefit to every country in the EU, including Belgium itself, is being blocked by a semi-autonomous region of just one country.

Imagine the outcry if Scotland wielded such power!


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