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So now that we've Brexited ...

  Quickbeam 20:38 25 Jun 2016

What happens now?

There was no business plan offered during the campaigning, and so far there is little indication of one now.

The EU wants us gone asap. Cameron has left the planning to his successor, presumably this could be a poisoned challis. The most likely successor insists that there is no hurry. That makes me think that they've been taken completely by surprise. And think a better deal to remain might be forth coming.

My gut feeling is that the EU will not in any way consider this with a major nation.

The opposition leader is coming under great pressure to be gone, presumably people are sensing a general election, and Corbyn is a dead duck opposition leader.

It's suggested that Boris or Gove have become too divisive to succeed as PM in a country that is spilt in every social group.

The possible break up of the Home Union is back on the cards with Sturgeons preparatory legislation for a Scottish Indy Ref II, and in NI, Sinn Fein have mentioned a reunification of Ireland.

It looks all set to go full on tit up to me!

  oresome 11:46 28 Oct 2016

Cameron explained his direction of travel before attempting to negotiate with the other EU members and came back falling well short of his desired destination.

Surely our politicians will not be so foolish as to set themselves up again for further failure by publicly announcing their goals before the negotiations even start.

As Blair states in an article I was reading today, it's not like business people reaching an agreement based on hard economics, it's politicians from 27 other EU countries protecting an ideology we wish to leave.

  wee eddie 13:15 28 Oct 2016

We have Two years and Five months in till we Exit the EU.

EU Politicians are well known for 'stopping the clock' and allowing the final negotiations to go on for hours, sometimes days, after the theoretical time of closure.

'The Game's not over till the Fat Lady sings.'

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