so much for EU unity

  lofty29 09:55 06 Oct 2008

I have always had the opinion that the other EU countries would only stick to the rules and agreements when it suited them, and that when the manure hit the fan they would say *** you we are looking after ourselves, well now we can see that happening with the irish, greek, and germans, wonder who is next in line. the actions of these countries could be the start of throwing the entire system into total chaos, and could well end up with world wide recession. the rest of the EU has always portrayed the UK as the bad boy who would not co-operate with the rest of the EU, who are the bad boys now.

  canarieslover 10:15 06 Oct 2008

It has always seemed to me that they only ever wanted us for the financial contribution that we make. As for rules, it seems that we are the only ones who follow them to the letter. Others just choose the bits that suit them and ignore the rest.

  spuds 12:02 06 Oct 2008

Ever since the days of formation of the EU, it was always stated that we would all be 'united', all having and conducting business in the same way. How hollow as that turned out to be now!.

  peter99co 12:07 06 Oct 2008

Have the French or the Germans ever done anything in line with the rest? It all comes back to self interest at the end of the day.

  lofty29 13:43 06 Oct 2008

From the news at lunchtime looks like spain is likely to do same as germany. Iceland looks like being in serious trouble, are we now going to have a domino effect or even all the banks being partly nationalised. which begs the question where are the governments going to get the money from??? When they need extra money above taxation they get it from the banks and investors by issuing bonds, if they issue too many then up goes inflation. I am not saying that uk savers will loose their money but it is likely to be worth a lot less, and anyone saving for a pension is going to get a clobbering

  Forum Editor 20:09 06 Oct 2008

and the people I'm talking to are expressing exactly the same concerns as the people I talk to in the UK.

I hope nobody is going to pretend that in Britain we haven't spent the last few hundred years looking after ourselves first.

  Quickbeam 07:01 07 Oct 2008

will always prevail...

  lofty29 09:24 07 Oct 2008

I always understood that the one of the prime benefits from proEU'ers was that the EU would act for the common good rather than the individual state, something which I personally have never swallowed. We have seen in the past how individual countries have blatently broke the EU rules and said stuff you, ie france and the BSE situation, germany and its subsidised coal mines.

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