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  TOPCAT® 10:02 23 Sep 2004

Loss of your internet connection is like giving up smoking. Withdrawal symptoms are the norm. TC.

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  TOPCAT® 01:02 06 Oct 2004

My wife and I returned home last evening after a rather traumatic week at Harefield. Her medical condition has further deteriorated during this time and she cannot now walk very far without stopping often to rest.

She did not have the planned heart surgery because scans discovered she has a partial blockage in her left carotid artery where it branches off to the brain. News of this left my poor wife rather devastated as you can imagine and decidedly increased her apprehensive fears. Thankfully though, a further MRI scan showed the blockage had not progressed too far up the carotid to be untreatable, but it must be cleared before the main heart surgery can be attempted.

There is a 3% risk factor of a stroke during most heart surgery, which can occur when the blood pressure is lowered, but in my wife's present condition it would rise to 10 - 15%. Harefield would not undertake her surgery with this increased risk factor, so she has been sent home for about two weeks until another specialist surgeon from another hospital can add her to his list. We then return to Harefield and my wife will have both operations hopefully on the following day.

The galling thing about this whole business is that our own local hospital scan department report stated she was okay for bypass surgery! This report was a major factor in sending us to Harefield in the first place and resulted in considerable NHS costs expended, to some extent needlessly.

It is to the credit of Pat's great team at Harefield that they fully read our surgeon's report. He had felt a slight carotid swelling in the neck which prompted Harefield to follow this up for themselves. Without this dedication, the operation could have gone ahead with possible consequences that don't bear thinking about. Matters at our hospital are being investigated with my daughter determined to find what went wrong. As she holds a responsible position there, she can occasionally go where others might fear to tread!!

Sorry it's not good news as yet folks, but hopefully it will come by the end of the month now. Thanks again everyone for being so kind. TC.

  kev.Ifty 01:14 06 Oct 2004

I dont know if you believe in HIM, but i do.. So i will say a prayer.

GOD Bless you and your family.


  Sapins 05:58 06 Oct 2004

You know we are all thinking of you and your family,



  LastChip 16:15 06 Oct 2004

As I read this, tears came to my eyes as I can understand how devastated you both must be.

Like Kev, I'll be praying for you both.

  watchful 18:17 06 Oct 2004

Just seen this post and I also will mention you in my prayers.

Very best wishes to you both.

  TOPCAT® 22:22 14 Oct 2004

Happy to announce that we return to Harefield this coming Saturday and Pat will have her operations on the Monday. In my absence, I ask VoG if he will kindly post here further news as I have it. He lives fairly close to the hospital and kindly let me have his home details on my last trip here.

Pat asks me to say how grateful she was to read all your kind wishes and reassurances. She is now very happy things are coming together at last and she approaches her ordeal much stronger for them. God Bless you all from us both. Ray (TC)

  watchful 07:31 15 Oct 2004


All the very best to you both. Thinking of you.
Kind regards, S.

  zanwalk 23:13 16 Oct 2004

Just to add my best wishes to all the others, I have only just stumbled across this thread having been offline myself recently due to a holiday in the wilds of Scotland. I felt that I had a special interest in this because I have had personal dealings with you in the past and always since then have followed your threads with interest. Do hope that all goes well, and we shall be watching this thread for news of your wife.

Take care both of you,


  ton 21:54 17 Oct 2004

Best wishes, I hope it all works out.

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