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So, it IS true!

  TOPCAT® 10:02 23 Sep 2004

Loss of your internet connection is like giving up smoking. Withdrawal symptoms are the norm. TC.

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  TOPCAT® 12:59 23 Sep 2004

I wonder how many manage to temporarily escape doing their 'national service' by using that excuse? Serving their country for a paltry six months isn't that hard to do.

Much better, I would have thought, to get it over and done with, especially as they'll be recalled in three year's time anyway. No getting away with it then, unless their medical or mental condition has taken a turn for the worse. TC.

  Forum Editor 17:02 23 Sep 2004

and it manifests itself as a form of anxiety. Regular users who are deprived of Internet access feel 'out of things' in some way, as if the world was passing them by. I've seen it in others, and to a degree I've experienced it when I've been working somewhere off the beaten track.

It's an odd feeling - you get used to it after a while, but for the first few days you're aware that there's something missing.

  TOPCAT® 17:29 23 Sep 2004

Well FE, from next Monday I will be undergoing withdrawal symptoms as I will be off-line for the duration. Going to accompany my wife that day to Harefield hospital for a heart bypass operation, I'm afraid. A long way to go from here in Cornwall but it is comforting to know she will be in extremely good hands at Harefeld.

But how am I going to survive what could be as long as ten or more days off-line? My mind will be elsewhere at the hospital but I guarantee I'll be a nervous wreck when I reach home again! I'll certainly miss the camaraderie and kindness shown in these forums, but I assure you I'll be logging in again just as soon as possible. Then I can relate how I really felt away from you all from experience. TC.

  LastChip 17:45 23 Sep 2004

for a speedy recovery for your wife.

If your own withdrawal symptoms get too much, you could always find a local Internet café for some relief and we will all be waiting to hear she's OK.

  CurlyWhirly 19:45 23 Sep 2004

I have to admit that I too am 'hooked' to the extent that I have to log into this PCA forum on a daily basis!
I also have to say that I couldn't be without my broadband connection as this is the main reason why I spend more time online at the expense of television!

  TOPCAT® 20:34 23 Sep 2004

and thanks guys for your kind remarks. Going off now to search for the nearest cyber café, as I know I will have some spare time between visiting hours. TC.

  mole44 17:16 24 Sep 2004

all our best wishes to mrs tc hope all goes ok

  TOPCAT® 00:18 25 Sep 2004

Both Pat and I are overwhelmed by your kind messages of support and good wishes. They have certainly lifted her spirits and that's a fact - mine too! I just don't know how to thank you all enough, so I simply thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement.

My post above has certainly caused a wide deviation from the subject matter of the thread and I thank the FE for allowing it to continue. I think I should tick it closed now, but will post one more time here to let everyone know how my wife got on. Just two days to go now before I'm off-line, so you 'ain't got rid of me just yet!! :o)) Sorry for the delay in answering you all. Have a nice weekend guys. TC.

  Forum Editor 00:51 25 Sep 2004

for next week TC. I often visit Ruislip to see clients and sometimes they take me out to Harefield village for lunch. It's a pleasant place, and of course your wife couldn't be in a better hospital.

  kev.Ifty 21:39 25 Sep 2004

A worrying time i,m sure. Having had my father go through the same operation i know the stresses involved.

But he did say, afterwards."he felt like a New Man"

Lets hope the Wife does not think the same ;~)

Of course, i mean that in jest .... Best Wishes to you both


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