So I purchased from Lidl a new toy

  jack 15:41 16 Aug 2008

One of those gadget that does pretty things to carrots,sweet potatoes etc, and as I discovered 20 mins ago THUMBS

So here I sit holding wrapped bloody thumb in the air typing this one finger on the wrong hand waiting for the bleed to stop so that it can be dressed.


  tullie 15:42 16 Aug 2008


  jack 15:51 16 Aug 2008

Have pity on a fellow forumite in distress

  amonra 16:00 16 Aug 2008

My wife has a top shelf full of these "indispensible" gadgets which last about two weeks then are stowed away til next time !
I reckon the worst was a device for grating and dicing veg, nearly took my knuckles off.
My sympathies Jack..........

  GRIDD 16:08 16 Aug 2008

rofl. Been there and done that.... I grated that much of my fimger I ended up in casualty.

  GRIDD 16:09 16 Aug 2008

See it's not even a finger anymore, it's called a fimger!

  interzone55 16:14 16 Aug 2008

The best ever gadget was the Ronco Bottle & Jar Cutter.

Recycle your bottles into drinking glasses and bowls. Withdrawn after stupid people gashed their mouths because they couldn't be bothered to sand the edges...

click here

  version8 16:21 16 Aug 2008

Did you read the instructions properly that came with your Lidl product?

  wiz-king 16:55 16 Aug 2008

of sympathy.
We have all done it - or something similar. Most chefs have had arguments with a mandolin; not the musical type!

  jack 17:05 16 Aug 2008

Strange but I sort of did know- it was going to happen- too near the event- unfortunately

  Bingalau 17:20 16 Aug 2008

We have also been there and done that. But my wife recently bought a round sort of plastic tub, which then has a couple of blades inserted on the end of a rotary "thingy". She reckons it's the best gadget she has ever bought for the kitchen. It really spins around when she turns the handle and it certainly grinds exceedingly Small. Onions, carrots, apples anything at all. So far she hasn't cut herself on it. But guess who did when he was washing it in the sink. Those rotary blades are really sharp. I found out the easy way.

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