So I guess this is acceptable - never mind Syria.

  Nontek 13:19 29 Aug 2013

CAPITAL Punishment

Yet not a word from the 'Civilised' West!
If this had happened in any Western country, what an out-cry there would probably have been.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:09 29 Aug 2013

How exactly do you suggest the "'Civilised' West!" should do something about it?

  PeterP.. 16:19 29 Aug 2013

No oil.

  Nontek 17:07 29 Aug 2013

Mr Mistoffelees

I am not daft enough to suggest that the West could do anything about this, but would have thought that at least an expression of disgust in some way, rather than just ignoring the barbaric nature of this Dictatorship.

  finerty 17:23 29 Aug 2013

should i also be digusted with the west for t problems, ie drunkards, peopl who wee when they are runk, yobs shouting, people getting mugged, pensoners losing their pensions, cost of living going up and up. famiies who cant afford to feed their children etc etc

  Nontek 18:39 29 Aug 2013


I am afraid I don't understand your thinking - yes, I am disgusted with all those things you mentioned, but at least the Police and other authorities are not ignoring it!

  Forum Editor 19:27 29 Aug 2013

"...would have thought that at least an expression of disgust in some way, rather than just ignoring the barbaric nature of this Dictatorship"

Expressions of disgust are completely wasted on regimes like the one in North Korea. Just watch any of the many YouTube videos showing concerts and public displays, and you'll see Korean citizens clapping and jumping with apparent joy whenever their leader appears. I say 'apparent' because of course these people are terrified - they know that they are being filmed, and that the authorities will seek out and punish anyone who appears to clap less than enthusiastically.

It's a totalitarian state of the very worst kind, and there's very little that we can do about it, other than express our disapproval of their complete disregard for human rights. We do that on a regular basis, but it has not, and will not have any effect whilst a viciously cruel megalomaniac runs the country.

  Nontek 21:28 29 Aug 2013


I realise all of that, but felt the need to mention this on this World-wide Forum in order to give it more publicity - I know nothing can be done, other than voice my personal concern, being aware of course that this will make not the slightest bit of difference!

Thanks for all the comments. I will leave this to the Forum now, as I am not in fact a very talkative type.

  Aitchbee 21:58 29 Aug 2013

Nontek ... the 'non-talkative' types are usually the ['brainy'] ones with all the answers to the world's woes ... ie. the silent majority, but no-one listens to them.

  Quickbeam 22:17 29 Aug 2013

They won't if they're not talking HB!

  Aitchbee 22:30 29 Aug 2013

catch 22

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