So I can get lots of stuff cheaper from my local

  pj123 17:14 22 Nov 2005

shop than I can from Ebay!

At the moment looking for a new hard disk. Around 160gb to 200gb.

From Ebay loads of options but all plus postage.

Cheapest at the moment on Ebay 200gb hard drive £69 but will I win it? My local shop, Same hard drive £55. No hassle, jump in the car, drive about 1 mile, go into shop, hand over Debit card. Come out with hard drive.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:34 22 Nov 2005

Fortunately, for eBay sellers, not everyone has the sense to check prices elsewhere. I only buy via eBay if I am sure I am going to make a worthwhile saving.

  spuds 11:50 23 Nov 2005

The point of eBay is that some fool will pay way over the odds for someone elses reject.And possibly double or treble the postage charge to add on as well.

Recently I was looking at some Lexmark inkjet cartridges on offer at eBay. There was no information about expiry dates etc,but the seller did want £8.00 [yes £8.00] for postage.Six individual bid cartridges x £8.00=£48.00. And they were all sold at bid prices from £7.00 upwards.Sheer lunacy.

  pj123 12:10 23 Nov 2005

I agree. I check my local retailers (new) prices first and then set myself a maximum amount that I will bid up to (including the postage) and stick to it. Of course there will be items that can't be bought new anymore. Then you have to work out what the maximum you would pay. For example a 20gb hard drive would be difficult to buy new but a 40gb could be bought quite cheap.

  €dstowe 14:29 23 Nov 2005

I'm not an "eBayer" but the other night I was looking through the printers they had on auction. One (well, several) had Samsung ML1610 mono lasers starting at £0.99 + £18.99 carriage. Quite a bargain, I thought.

Through the evening I watched the bids go up until the winning bid on each one on offer varied from £59 to £63 (don't forget there's carriage on top of that).

Ebuyer (not eBay) were selling that self same printer at a full retail price £49.99

  pj123 15:26 23 Nov 2005

€dstowe, agree. It's an auction and they want it regardless of the price. I have seen stuff go for lot's of money that I wouldn't pay pennies for.

  mole44 17:16 23 Nov 2005

i always say a fool and there money are soon parted,check prices.i don`t or have no intention of using ebay.however i do price match with pc world here in luton against local oposition,and for my trouble pc world price match and give an additional 10%.

  Totally-braindead 18:04 23 Nov 2005

It always amazes me the prices some "idiots" will pay for items, I say idiots because they must bid on the item without knowing the proper price.

An example, I wanted a pair of JR sunglasses for when I go out flying model airplanes and a guy was selling them on Ebay, getting between £25 and £35 a time plus postage. Checked with a local supplier and the proper retail price was £16.

  Fred the flour grader 20:42 23 Nov 2005

I have bought some items off e bay as well and on the whole have been good value, you have to watch for the postage costs though. I am amazed as well at what people will pay for stuff. A couple of months ago I was after a amplifier for my guitar and had been told of a few people what to look for. I decided to bid on one it was going for £15.00 + £7.50 postage, I bid £20.00 so total was £27.50. I was outbid the next day but watched it till the end and it went for £82.00 + £7.50. It sells in a local music shop for £59.95 with a year guarantee? So I am with totally-braindead here, whoever it was that bought it was an idiot. I have seen loads like that though. It seems to me that they make a decision that the item will be theirs at all-costs and they just get wrapped up in it all. The whole point of it is to get a bargain, you don't go paying nigh on list price for stuff with no might as well go get it in a shop on the high street

  jbp1982 20:51 23 Nov 2005

I won't buy anything on ebay til I've checked shop prices and I won't buy unless I'm making a 30% to 40% saving.

This rule has seen me get some good deals, nothing recently though. I got a £69 watch for £24 an absolute gem it was, still works great on the same battery for a year.

  pj123 15:49 24 Nov 2005

The best way is to work out your maximum bid including postage and stick to it. If you don't win that one there will be plenty of others that you can bid for.

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