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So, how's your memory these days....

  Forum Editor 15:43 15 Mar 2015

Are you as sharp as a pin, or do you find yourself forgetting things that you really should know?

We all suffer a degree of memory loss as the years roll on, but it happens to some more than others. I readily admit to forgetting names on occasion, and it can be embarrassing. I met an old client at the airport one day, and chatted to her for five minutes before her name came back to me. I think I got away with it, but I was panicking slightly. I forget the names of actors; my wife and I went to see a film recently. I was telling my daughter about it the next day, and do you think I could remember that it was Judy Dench in one of the lead parts?

I'm not alone, apparently What about you (whatever your name is)?

  bumpkin 18:51 17 Mar 2015

lotvic, if you had bought another pair you would have found the originals in a few minutes.

  lotvic 19:07 17 Mar 2015

bumpkin, I was about to do just that, I was cussing to myself and deciding which shop would be best to get them from... lo and behold 10 mins later they materialised in a cupboard when I was getting something else out.

  bumpkin 20:11 17 Mar 2015

They must have known you were serious about replacing them then:-))

  bumpkin 20:19 17 Mar 2015

An unusual phenomenon though as they do not usually re-appear until you have paid for new ones. You got lucky this time.

  lotvic 21:43 17 Mar 2015

I think they were embarrassed by the publicity on the 'net ;p

  bumpkin 21:57 17 Mar 2015

Probably why the are called pinking shears:-)

  woodchip 22:14 17 Mar 2015

Mine is not bad at 78 Quick Driving reactions as well. but do not now like driving in the dark with headlamp glare

  BT 08:27 18 Mar 2015 not now like driving in the dark with headlamp glare

I had this problem before I had my Cataracts done, which got worse as they got worse. No problem now with my new 'Bionic' eyes.

  Batch 09:02 18 Mar 2015

I was going to post on this thread the other day - but I went into another forum and forgot all about it.

  Forum Editor 11:17 18 Mar 2015

"do not now like driving in the dark with headlamp glare"

That's extremely common, in fact everyone's night vision degenerates with age. There are various causal factors, and some people have a combination of several, so there's no 'normal' level for night vision in older people.

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