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So, how's your memory these days....

  Forum Editor 15:43 15 Mar 2015

Are you as sharp as a pin, or do you find yourself forgetting things that you really should know?

We all suffer a degree of memory loss as the years roll on, but it happens to some more than others. I readily admit to forgetting names on occasion, and it can be embarrassing. I met an old client at the airport one day, and chatted to her for five minutes before her name came back to me. I think I got away with it, but I was panicking slightly. I forget the names of actors; my wife and I went to see a film recently. I was telling my daughter about it the next day, and do you think I could remember that it was Judy Dench in one of the lead parts?

I'm not alone, apparently What about you (whatever your name is)?

  lotvic 17:02 15 Mar 2015

Mine has got worse this last year, and it's made worse by moving house. I can't remember where some articles new place/cupboard/shelf is. Also I remember when packing (last Nov) picking up a pair of pinking shears and thinking 'I mustn't lose these'. Now I can find all the other scissors but not the damn pinking shears :/

  wee eddie 18:17 15 Mar 2015

I logged into Crucial the other day but apparently they don't have any upgrades for a Seventy year old!

  morddwyd 18:42 15 Mar 2015

The most embarrassing memory lapse of all is when you can't remember your PIN at a checkout!

Twice today I went upstairs to do something, and twice I forgot to do it.

Most frustrating!

  Nontek 21:22 15 Mar 2015

Speaking purely from memory, I think I get up from a nice comfy chair, walk into another room and when I get there wonder what I am there for. Not often though, only about once or twice a day, I think.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:52 15 Mar 2015

I walk upstairs, stop and think "what did I come up here for"

so walk back down -

get to the bottom and think "what did I come down here for"

and so walk back up and think......

Ah well its a good exercise regime ;0)

Another good way of forgetting things is to walk from one room to another Physiologists call it something like "threshold theory". something to do with the fact that the brain deals with threats in the local surroundings - change the surroundings by walking outside for instance and the brain dumps the short term memories of the previous location in order to concentrate on dangers posed in the new location.

  mole1944 05:25 16 Mar 2015

Wee Eddie same age as me,i think we need a full re-install to be honest,save your data first though.

  The Old Mod 07:50 16 Mar 2015

My memory is excellent and I astonish people sometimes with what I cam remember even down to conversations of 50 years ago or more, I don't know why I have such a good memory, my father also had a very good memory so perhaps it's in the genes. It can be very helpful sometimes but no always a good thing!

  Quickbeam 08:23 16 Mar 2015

What was the question again?

  morddwyd 08:38 16 Mar 2015

The worst thing is with sex, when you remember how, but not why!

  carver 10:46 16 Mar 2015

I've still got (I think) a decent memory apart from names, I always have had this problem from being young.

I can meet someone and within five minutes after leaving them can have completely forgotten their name.

That problem with forgetting something that you have to go into another room for is a known phenomenon

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