So how safe are such places?

  Cymro. 11:38 24 May 2010

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I am rather glad that I don`t have to live next door to somewhere like this place. We hardly ever really know just what goes on and how safe these places really are.

Yes I do know that we live in an industrial nation and that this is part of the price we have to pay. All I am saying is that I don`t want to live next door.

  Quickbeam 12:05 24 May 2010

How safe? That all depends on the circumstances that led to it.

I remember the Flixborough explosion in the mid '70s, being 40 miles or more away, but within 10 miles of a frontline strategic bomber base, we all thought that a plane had gone supersonic and caused a banned sonic boom over land. But that turned out to be down to maintenance being done on the cheap, without a safe shutdown click here not too unlike the Chernobyl incident...

  Quickbeam 12:08 24 May 2010

WTM might be able to scare you with some anecdotes of supposed safe handling in that industry;)

  spuds 12:34 24 May 2010

Saying that you "don't want to live next door", is perhaps an overstatement as to what is actually happening in your area or within a small radius of where you reside.

About 3 miles from where I live, there was a similar 'fair sized' incident 2 weeks ago with a recycling company. But that was caused by arson and not neglect by the company. Another company only 1 mile from me, had regular call-outs by the fire and rescue services. plus police closing the area down, due to spillage of chemicals. That problem now seems to have gone to the history books, since the appropriate authorities finally took action, resulting in some hefty fines.

Coming back onto the subject of 'what is near to you'. I know of two cases of private houses being used as funeral parlours, and most (not all)of the neighbours were not aware. Many similar places have been used, and still are, due to planning, building and environmental laws. Even your local cannabis factory might be in your loft or nearby, so watch your electric meter and power consumption and possibly a 'high' smell ;o)

  wiz-king 12:43 24 May 2010

Works the other way too, I used to work for a chemical factory that was 800 yds from the nearest house but gradually the council allowed builders to build dozens of flats right up against our fence, We wrote to the council objecting every time a planning application went in but we were told we could not use the fact of being next to a large chemical works as a valid reason to stop housing.
The same happened to Union Carbide in Bhopal, built a factory out of town and the town moved!

  morddwyd 20:12 24 May 2010

"but within 10 miles of a frontline strategic bomber base,"

You don't have to live next door - you'd have been at 3,000 degrees in 4 minutes!

  Chegs ®™ 15:10 25 May 2010

We used to have a chemical company on the outskirts of the town(closed down & now demolished)that involved tankers full of acid climbing a steep hill to reach the factory.So steep was the access that in wet weather,the tankers couldn't get sufficient traction and the road was frequently closed to all traffic due to acid spillages.The pavement alongside the road still has deep "scars" from the tankers that failed to reach the top trying to reverse back down the hill and mounting the pavement.

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