So, how many of you mod your pc, is their a point?

  De Marcus™ 21:07 25 Jan 2006

I'd be interested to hear forumites stories on things that have gone wrong on pc mods, what you viewpoints are regarding pc modding and what motivates people to build their pc's into things like mannequins, remote control cars, etc.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:47 25 Jan 2006

I don't see the point. When I spend dosh on my pc I do it to make it go faster, not light up and flash at me!

  SANTOS7 22:11 25 Jan 2006

Seen a tower with a fishtank inside it, lights buzzers, bells don't do a thing for me........

  SG Atlantis® 22:57 25 Jan 2006

they look cool, with see thru panels and lights some go over the top though.

  De Marcus™ 23:00 25 Jan 2006

What about performance based mods? Surely these are worth it?

  wallbash 23:15 25 Jan 2006

I use ?? my computer solely for fun. So when I get to the stage , that its as fast/ smallest/ quietest
( don't think I will ever get there) will then have to start on the flashing lights etc . Why Not ?
Its my hobby , makes more sense to me than standing in the rain watching 22 men kick a ball or sitting on a river bank , teaching a maggot to swim or etc etc

  Belatucadrus 23:34 25 Jan 2006

The only "Mods" I've bothered with are:-

Changing the CPU fan for a quieter one.
Adding more RAM.
Upgrading the CPU on an old W95 PC.

Other than that it's a bog standard beige box that sits under a computer desk and I feel no urge to paint it puce, add disco lights or stick a glitter ball on it.

  wolfie3000 00:42 26 Jan 2006

Modding a pc i guess is like modding a car some just go for bells and whistles such as lights see thru panels and such.
Others go for speed and storage capacity.

  IPA 06:54 26 Jan 2006

Just increase the memory ,add a second hard drive and fit quieter fans.

  jack 08:56 26 Jan 2006

Its some ones idea of personal buzz I guess ,like putting fluorescent lights under a car ,or tiny blue ones recessed into the bonnet- why do they do that?
Last year I gutted my 2001 -1,4 Athlone system and rebuilt to 64 bit - and new PSU same case,drives old memory to up the one supplied with MoBo, and, as said it sitting under desk by my left knee-I have been known to swing the chair and nudge the reboot button-oops- will have to something about that -- one day.

  Indigo 1 12:40 26 Jan 2006

I built my own PC and deliberately avoided any custom mods, the only thing that makes mine stand out from the crowd is the aluminium case that I put it in. The case had a motor driven sliding door that used to go up and down at the push of a button to hide any beige optical drives etc, but the motor went up in smoke after 11 months and now I have to move it by hand.

I have no need for glitzy flashing lights or viewing windows, I am not into bling but then again I am nearer to 50 yrs old than 15, I think modding is more attractive to youngsters than us older more gentle folk.

My keyboard, optical mouse and Dell CRT monitor are all black with no unnecessary lights or buttons, just they way I like it so in effect it is personalized but not modded.

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