so his has been moved from hyde park

  stalion 19:54 05 Jul 2004

speakers corner lol

  stalion 19:57 05 Jul 2004

sorry forgot to add, I am standing on a box to type this

  Forum Editor 00:16 06 Jul 2004

for a forum where anyone can have their say about a variety of subjects.

What you may not realise (and there's no reason why you should) is that we used to have a Speakers Corner forum before - some time ago. We discontinued it for various reasons, and now we're bringing it back in a slightly different guise.

You can step down from your box now. As a matter of interest, if you go to the real Speakers Corner in Hyde Park you'll see that hardly any of the speakers stand on a box anyway.

  Dorsai 20:24 06 Jul 2004

Speakers corner seems sutable to me. WE can stand up on out own soap box and voice our opinion (as long as we stick to the 'rules')

  stalion 22:16 06 Jul 2004

was tounge in cheek, I think it is a good title and I hope we have some good debates

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