So farewell the Britannica

  interzone55 09:52 14 Mar 2012

After 244 years of deforestation Encyclopaedia Britannica has ended it's print run to move to a pure digital edition

  Aitchbee 10:01 14 Mar 2012

That is sad. My Mum and Dad forked out about £50 for a set of ten encyclopaedias back in 1955...I've still got 'em.

How will they be able to digitize the smell of old books?

  Quickbeam 10:03 14 Mar 2012

Just open an old book from the attic below the screen when you surf Britanica online...

  Aitchbee 10:08 14 Mar 2012

...never thought of that ;o)

  Woolwell 10:08 14 Mar 2012

I have a complete set of Encyclopaedia Britannica bought many years ago at an exorbitant price. They are now worthless except perhaps to a collector. They look nice on the bookshelf and we are reluctant to scrap them but the data in them is now all online and more up to date.

  Bingalau 10:20 14 Mar 2012

I remember thinking when I was about fifteen that when I grew up.... I would buy a set of them. Now I don't need to.

  interzone55 10:47 14 Mar 2012

I often see incomplete sets of Britannica at car boot sales and second hand book stores. For an incomplete set you'll pay about 50p a volume.

some information stays the same, but science and geography move on, and Britannica is out of date before it's even printed, so it makes sense to drop the expensive to produce print edition

  Quickbeam 11:10 14 Mar 2012

"...when I grew up.... I would buy a set of them. Now I don't need to."

Is that 'cause you know it all now?

  morddwyd 11:11 14 Mar 2012

Britannica was always one of my dreams, but I never was able to afford anything beyond Arthur Mee, at one volume a month.

  Aitchbee 11:13 14 Mar 2012 parents had to take out a mortgage, to pay for the volumes!

  Woolwell 11:48 14 Mar 2012

Britannica used to supply an update annual in the same style, covering, etc as the other volumes. This update came at a price of course. With the volumes, indexes, annual editions and one or 2 other volumes I have a total of 42 books. I shudder to think how much they cost and the total value now could be very small indeed.

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