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So Did You Get Any Bargains?

  Menzie 00:55 16 Jul 2019

I don't know how it is UK-side; this side of the pond there has been incredible hype for Amazon Prime Day. TV ads, radio ads and ads online.

It launched today and has left me... Underwhelmed. The only good thing that came out of it was a slight discount on USB C cables which I needed since the other half has destroyed two in a row recently.

There is a Bluetooth meat thermometer so you will know when your roast is done.

Any takers?

  Menzie 01:34 18 Jul 2019

I used to auction a lot of items on eBay. Thankfully never ran into any of the issues that I hear of which sound most frustrating.

For me the shipping cost is what has killed it for me. For instance my computer speakers bought years ago. They are still made and looking at eBay they are $80 plus $28 shipping. Amazon have them for $70 with free next day shipping.

  Quickbeam 06:44 18 Jul 2019

Apart from used items, I only buy post free items on Ebay and with a click and collect option if they're bulky. Never had a problem.

  Forum Editor 08:24 18 Jul 2019

I have subscribed to Amazon prime for a few years, and have found it well worthwhile - deliveries the next day guaranteed, and access to some decent TV productions.

  wee eddie 09:24 18 Jul 2019

Amazon Prime has been designed to lock its Subscribers into the Amazon Marketplace. It seems to work, for those that buy On-line regularly.

For someone like me, whose On-line purchases rarely exceed £100 per annum and have no TV, it is a total waste of money

  Pine Man 09:49 18 Jul 2019

I'm with the FE on this and, in addition to the benefits he states, there is also free access to Kindle books, which I use a lot.

  Smudge120 19:04 18 Jul 2019

I have bought from Amazon and used their free tral for Amazon Prime to get free delivery. Have just bought two bottles of Bio Oil for my wife. They were half the price from Boots or Superdrug. Have used Ebay for a a micro card for my dashcam with free delivery. Only use them if I cannot get it cheaper or free postage from another supplier.

  Al94 19:35 18 Jul 2019

I resisted the urge to buy bargains that I didn't really need! I find Prime worthwhile overall even if next day delivery is very rare now in my experience. When it's good it's very good but a current order is showing delivery on Sunday!

  Quickbeam 07:35 19 Jul 2019

"there is also free access to Kindle books, which I use a lot."

I use Audible and pay £7.99 a month so should be able to benefit from Prime, but they only offer a monthly 'selection' of audio books, almost non of which are of my liking...

  Taff™ 08:12 21 Jul 2019

I found a BenQ 25" Gaming Monitor for about £85 saving mysef £30. Then a Firestick 4K with Alexa at half price saving £25

Put them together and I now have a damn good media centre! Total Saving £55 roughly equivalent to 7 months Prime subscription. Add in the Amazon Music which is included with Prime (£3.99? per month)- I have been subscribed to Prime since Last December!I reckon it pays for itself very quickly.

Oh forgot to mention next or same day delivery, Prime Channel for films,Amazon Pantry - great for staple items every couple of months and because the Benq was delivered a couple of days late I got £5 credit as a gesture of goodwill! (they did offer to send it by dedicated courier within 2 hours after they found it at their warehouse but I declined and got it in 4 anyway!

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