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So Did You Get Any Bargains?

  Menzie 00:55 16 Jul 2019

I don't know how it is UK-side; this side of the pond there has been incredible hype for Amazon Prime Day. TV ads, radio ads and ads online.

It launched today and has left me... Underwhelmed. The only good thing that came out of it was a slight discount on USB C cables which I needed since the other half has destroyed two in a row recently.

There is a Bluetooth meat thermometer so you will know when your roast is done.

Any takers?

  hastelloy 07:33 16 Jul 2019

Sadly we don't eat Bluetooth meat.

  oresome 08:38 16 Jul 2019

Am I right in thinking it's restricted to Prime subscribers? That rules me out.

Conventional shops have been fighting back with their own sales and we purchased a couple of homeware items last week.

A pair of curtains reduced from £79 to £19 at M&S

A double pocket sprung mattress reduced from £599 to £199 at John Lewis.

Sadly I had to pay full price for a new curtain pole from Dunelm and it cost twice as much as the curtains.

I have been contemplating buying a new HiFi amp, but it's little used and in the end I decided to repair the old one, a Technics SU VX500. It only required the speaker relay contacts cleaning. The most difficult part was removing the relay covers.

  mikef. 10:09 16 Jul 2019

As I refuse to pay for Prime, no

  Belatucadrus 19:27 16 Jul 2019


  Menzie 23:01 16 Jul 2019

I've been subscribing to Amazon Prime for the past 3 months. Here Amazon Prime gives you for the cost of your subscription a video streaming service, music streaming service, and a book downloading service via the Kindle app.

The delivery has been a bonus, I love ordering on a Saturday morning and having the product in hand Saturday afternoon.

The past few sales from several retailers have shown that I don't really purchase then. When I want/need something I tend to research and shop around for the best price which usually works out at the sale price or just slightly more.

  Quickbeam 07:12 17 Jul 2019

I rarely use Amazon, even if it means paying a moderately higher price elsewhere, I do so.

The reason being...? That every time I go through the payment process I have to be well on my toes to avoid finding that I've inadvertently signed up to Prime and then have to go through the cancel process...

There site is designed to trick people into this subscription trap. I'm aware of this, yet still find that I've fallen for it 3 times in the last 5 years!

Now I'm not stupid, well I know, I would say that wouldn't I, but this is what I consider to be sharp practice.

  Quickbeam 07:13 17 Jul 2019


  rickf 11:12 17 Jul 2019

Yes, I did. Save over a £100 on a graphics drawing tablet. Amazon for all it's faults also have many benefits. It's a trusted seller. The return process is straight forward and a no quibble refund process. I stream a lot of films and, plus the one day delivery by courier is to me a no brainier. Have had really bad experience when wanting to return an item. Amazon does not make you jump the hoops to return an item. Bought lots of household stuff and digital devices over the years w/o any problems.

  oresome 13:15 17 Jul 2019

eBay seemed to have upped their game in response to Amazon. Especially useful for new items under £20 that would attract postage charges with Amazon.

I had reason to return a faulty electric razor to an eBay seller and I was sent a pre-paid postage label and the item was replaced by return of post, so no complaints there.

  Menzie 16:35 17 Jul 2019

I used eBay a lot in the past especially since I am into retro gaming. I haven't used them in a while as the shipping charges have become almost laughable and pretty much negate any savings over going and buying something locally.

I hit that barrier as well with Amazon previously of having to come up with $35 of stuff for free shipping. Thankfully Prime gets rid of that limit. I just bought a Micro SD card as a spare for $10 delivered. Just in case the one in my dashcam goes bad, it has been almost two years since I've had my current card.

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