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So are you a bad driver or not?

  Cymro. 10:29 15 Oct 2017

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I think we drivers like nothing better than a good moan about how we are treated by the law of the land. Well there are plenty of bad drivers out there and yet no one will admit to being a bad driver. So for a change let's not criticise other drivers but start thinking what are our own bad driving habits? Personally as I have grown older I find that I am more careless at junctions and roundabouts. I seem to be leaving less of a gap between myself and other road users. More drivers sound their horn at me than ever did in the past. It could be that the other drivers are becoming less and less tolerant of my errors than they used to be. Well it could be but somehow I doubt it.

  oresome 11:27 15 Oct 2017

I think it's difficult to judge your own driving. Who fancies taking their driving test again?

I do wonder if we will lose some concentration and perhaps skills as cars become evermore automated with things like park assist, hill start assist, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance etc. etc.

On the other hand, there are that many road signs and markings in congested town centres that I have difficulty taking them all in and watching other road users and pedestrians at the same time, so any help would be useful.

In reality I try and avoid such situations which is probably what the town planners want.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:39 15 Oct 2017

Like most drivers I think I am wonderful but, others may not share my opinion.

* Who fancies taking their driving test again?*

I don't think I would really want to take another test but, maybe it would be a good thing and help to stamp-out the bad habits that creep in with age. I think the main problem though is the huge volume of traffic these days and the frustrations that it leads to whilst driving.

  Belatucadrus 12:19 15 Oct 2017

Having had my last car written off when rear-ended by white van man, I find I'm way more aware of other road users and take appropriate precautions. So I'm probably better than I was five years ago.

  oresome 13:17 15 Oct 2017

I've not seen 'white van man avoidance' as an automated feature yet, but I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult to program in.

Besides the van itself, the multitasking driver with phone to ear, exceeding the speed limit and only offering signals of an abusive nature is a dead giveaway.

  daz60 14:39 15 Oct 2017

Thirty five years and still learning,as a bus driver we have regular reports on our driving from a select group of passengers unknown to us,which, along with the 'black box' recording information all the time highlight areas needing improvement and give positives when and where necessary.

A serious error,deemed dangerous,could result in loss of licence or going back to driving school and retaking the test.

  oresome 15:03 15 Oct 2017

Has anyone rung the 0800 number displayed on the back of some company vehicles asking 'how's my driving ?'.

We used to get feedback on drivers at a company I worked for. Not much could be said to a driver after one incident, but if a pattern emerged there were obvious grounds for 'corrective action' to be taken.

  Ex plorer 15:35 15 Oct 2017

I am much more wary of roundabouts now than ever before and probably not as aware as I used to be. Now 70

Living in the sticks is fine and driving on the roads, going into towns is more challenging Radio is switched off to improve concentration.

My car has all those aids mentioned by oresome and I use them, it’s taken a year to get to know them all as I only do just over 2000 miles a year.

My pet hate with cars today I can’t judge where the front is so I had parking sensors installed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 15 Oct 2017

I'm an awful driver

I know how to and use my indicators.

Drive to the speed limit and cautious to other road users.

Don't tail gate other cars.

Phone is always off when in the car so don't call or text behind the wheel even with bluetooth.

Don't cut corners or swing wide.

Give cyclist plenty of spacee

Therefore I could never pass the test to drive a BMW or a White Van.


  Forum Editor 17:36 15 Oct 2017

Have you ever heard anyone admit that they are a genuinely bad driver? I have driven in a lot of cities all over the world, and I've seen some terrible driving - whilst my own driving has been fine, of course.

The truth is that on occasion we have all been guilty of bad driving - everyone is. Fortunately, most of us only lapse occasionally. We know when it happens, and perhaps we resolve not to do it again... until the next time it occurs.

  qwbos 19:44 15 Oct 2017

Too many cars on the road driven by too many people who've spent too much time "thumb driving" on games consoles or whatever doesn't help. They don't sem to appreciate that there's no reset on the real road.

Add too many people driving cars they don't own, either company or lease, so don't appear to have the same sense of responsibility.

It's never been easier for somebody with little capital to obtain a high powered. low cost car and instantly transform themselves into the transporter or whoever.

Add in the "busy life", but plenty of time for social media and more telly channels than you can shake a stick at, where people are desperate to arrive at their destination twenty minutes before they left and you begin to see why there appear to be far more bad drivers than there used to be.

I'd happily sit a test again, and I'd probably pass. That's not because I think I'm perfect - more that the test appears to have become easier.

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