SNP to vote on a England / Wales only matter

  john bunyan 17:20 10 Nov 2015

Although I am, in fact, on their side on this matter, the Scottish Parliament decides on Sunday trading in Scotland and the "Westminster Government" can have no say on it. Now the Government wanted to alter the regulations in England and Wales, but the SNP members in Westminster have said they will vote against it. As I say, I hoped that Labour and Tory rebels would defeat the plan - and they are now on hold. However as a matter of principle the SNP members seem to have reneged on the tradition of not voting on non - Scottish issues. I am betting that at least 2 forum members will support their stance!! The thin excuse is it could affect Scottish workers, but the link is so tenuous it could be applied to any issue.

  john bunyan 17:20 10 Nov 2015
  Gordon Freeman 17:59 10 Nov 2015

The openly hostile way that Westminster treats Scots is a disgrace, but at least they have shown their true colours and pushed independence even closer - good!

Didn't take long for you to get that in (again), did it?

  Forum Editor 18:01 10 Nov 2015

There are people in this forum who just don't seem to understand that they do more to undermine English/Scottish relationships than any of our elected representatives ever do.

It's never-ending, this drip, drip, drip of resentment.

  wee eddie 18:49 10 Nov 2015

It has been said that there are more Scots living in England than there are in Scotland. Maybe they should get a Vote on Scottish policies

  Forum Editor 18:55 10 Nov 2015

wee eddie

Not unless they're elected to Parliament, surely?

  wee eddie 19:24 10 Nov 2015

Actually I was thinking of having another Election.

For ex-Pat Scots, living in England, divided into 59 Constituencies and able to Vote only when Parliament is debating English and Welsh matters only!

  morddwyd 19:58 10 Nov 2015

"The thin excuse is it could affect Scottish workers, but the link is so tenuous it could be applied to any issue."

Not sure that's quite true in this case, if you ignore the nationalism (both English and Scottish!) and look at the matter dispassionately.

The matter is of concern to some Scottish trade unions, and, of course, they do carry quite a lot of clout in a generally left wing administration.

If the SNP stood aside you can bet your life that Scottish Labour wouldn't, and it would be a major factor in next year's election.

The SNP hold on the massive Labour vote in Scotland is very tenuous, and if the legislation was passed and even one Scottish shop worker lost as much as 5 pence in Sunday overtime, if only as a result of people doing their Sunday shopping in Carlisle instead of Gretna there would be a massive defection to Corbyn, who is a Scottish style politician.

If Nicola Srurgeon is nothing else she is a very able and perspicacious politician!

  john bunyan 20:05 10 Nov 2015

The thread is not about the Scotland Bill. That delivered the items agreed and should be on another thread. This one asks why the SNP should vote on a matter that is for England and Wales whereas Hollyrood alone decides Sunday trading in Scotland.

  john bunyan 20:19 10 Nov 2015


Thank you for an excellent and dispassionate post! I agree with you entirely. In fact , as I said, I have no views either way on the actual bill; it just seems to me that the SNP want it both ways - WE will decide devolved matters in Scotland, and will decide to interfere in purely English / Welsh matters when it suits us. It encourages the worst of Cameron's backbenchers to behave in the way described by spider9.

I fully agree that Nicola is able, and wish she would stick to Scottish affairs.

  john bunyan 09:23 11 Nov 2015


I confess that I thought, correctly, that it would vibrate your web.

I did, briefly, look at the Scotland bill, and share your frustration at the behaviour of some childish MP's. You also know I am in favour of more financial devolution coupled with a reduction in the Barnett formula. However the Scotland bill, as I understand it was to deliver the items agreed by the all party committee post the referendum - which it has. If not which items were changed?

To retaliate by interfering on purely England / Wales matters is a bit like throwing toys out of the pram.

I hope the Tories, Labour and the SNP can somehow stand back from these silly games and get on with agreeing a mutually satisfactory long term solution - I will admit short of total independence - but with more autonomy than at present. Please lighten up - you do seem to have a bit of a persecution obsession!! You are not the only Englishman to love Scotland.

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