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SNP deputy leader to resign

  x123 15:23 22 May 2016

Stewart Hosie to step down after fling with journalist and to be investigated over expenses irregularities.

  wee eddie 22:19 24 May 2016

Carefully managed they could be a big influence. But if they 'huff & puff' too much, they will loose whatever influence that they have

  x123 07:24 27 May 2016

I see Nicola has a major headache, herself, re election expenses. The helicopter?

click here

  roy170 09:08 27 May 2016


Not so.

Labour separately complained to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), the body created to independently oversee MPs’ expenses.

An Ipsa spokesman said: “We are still assessing the situation and no decision has been made”.

  roy170 09:27 27 May 2016

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