Snow (well someone had to mention it)

  Blackhat 10:58 18 Jan 2013

Anyone badly effected?

South Birmingham here, many side roads impassable and main roads now starting to gridlock.

What I find most stupid is that although many schools were closed, quite a few opened and in the last hour announced closures and requested parents to collect their kids. With most local schools on side roads I expect mayhem. It was very clear from warnings yesterday that our area would gradually deteriorate during the day so why allow schools to open, take in kids and then an hour later declare closure?

  wiz-king 11:02 18 Jan 2013

I cant remember my school ever closing for snow - mollycoddled teachers!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:03 18 Jan 2013

Bet some parents would rather leave them there fore the weekend :0)

  Grey Goo 12:01 18 Jan 2013

Started in not so sunny Orpington at 08.30,very fine stuff still less than 1cm deep.

  Woolwell 12:07 18 Jan 2013

School closures are often due to the fact that the staff cannot get there to look after the children. Many of the staff commute some distance nowadays. Those who remember the "good old days" probably had teachers that also walked to to school from a relatively short distance.

  Quickbeam 12:23 18 Jan 2013

Non here in South Yorks, you can keep it west of the Pennines for me!

  rdave13 12:35 18 Jan 2013

Bad in North Wales, had the day off as the factory closed at 9am. Son travelling up from London and struggling with the conditions.

  Aitchbee 12:47 18 Jan 2013

At the moment, it's sunny and spring-like in Glasgow ... my Universal Snow Shoes [..."ideal for winter emergencies, walking to work, shopping, walking the dog, working outdoors, excercising, hiking and much, much more.] are still in their box. Phew, thank goodness!

  john bunyan 13:09 18 Jan 2013

Quite thick snow here between Portsmouth and Southampton. Some schools etc. closed. Panic buying in local shops for bread etc, I am sorry to say! All for a bit of white stuff that in other countries I have lived in would be normal.

  Quickbeam 13:30 18 Jan 2013
  Woolwell 13:54 18 Jan 2013

I had to switch off the TV last night as I was turning into, perhaps already am, an angry old man because of the way they were reporting that snow was on the way was as if it was going to be a major national emergency.

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