Snow, the ladies and footwear..........

  gengiscant 09:54 29 Nov 2010

A recipe for a disaster. I had an early appointment at my GP and had to trudge through the heavy covering of snow we have had up here in Edinburgh to get there.
Whilst sitting in the waiting room I looked at the footwear of the others waiting and without exception, all the men had sturdy boots or shoes with a deep tread on the heels and soles.
The ladies footwear alas was sadly lacking in any real tread on their boots and shoes.

I'm assuming that fashion plays a major part I female footwear, but come on girls, it really does not matter what you look like in weather like this,only that you can walk safely when getting about.

On arriving home an checking Mrs Gengiscant's footwear,alas it was the same,no tread. When asked how she manages to get about on the snow without ending up on her backside. she replied that she has developed a sort of shuffling move for such weather conditions, which has serve her well.Plus her backside at her age is now quite padded,not that I must agree with that of course.

The ladies, don't you just love them?

  Bingalau 10:31 29 Nov 2010

When Mrs "geniscant" reads this and sees that you have told the whole world that she has a big bum she will not love you at all.

  gengiscant 10:36 29 Nov 2010

She implied the large bum,I am not brave enough to comment on that part of her anatomy,bless her.

  interzone55 12:05 29 Nov 2010

Last week I had the pleasure of walking through Lancaster at 2:30am (just been to the latest showing of HP7a) and was confronted with a vastly overweight Wonder Woman in stupid heels wobbling down Penny Lane, in the snow. She was followed by an angel in similar shoes, and Bat Girl, and some zombies in pumps. Hopefully this was a fancy dress party, but it does show that inclement weather is no barrier to girls dressing in strappy shoes...

  Covergirl 12:42 29 Nov 2010

As highlighted on this mornings Sunrise by Adrian Chiles - he was having a good giggle.

This link is to The Sun newspaper and show a few girls dressed appropriately for the pubs :

click here

  interzone55 14:38 29 Nov 2010

Yep, a) that just confirms my point with photographic evidence.
b) Sunrise has a viewer?

  Muergo 17:36 29 Nov 2010

My friends wife can't get back to Edinburgh from birmingham, she decided not to go driving her big tank Volvo but to fly, now she's stuck there, Edinburgh airport closed and can't get train cross country to home near Dunbar.
Servs her right he says, she of the Gucci handbags and all, probably has gilt sandals on as well.

I have just bought my wife some "shoes" in the shape of snowchains for her car, our car it will be as mine has such a low ground clearance I'll leave it at home if we get snow like last year, it only takes four inches to pile up under the great fat wheels, useless in these conditions.

Forgot to drain outside garden tap feed and now its burst, and we've only had a minus 3C here, just goes to show, but at least all electric faults are fixed, just waiting for the next crisis.

  Forum Editor 18:15 29 Nov 2010

I told my wife about the comments in this thread, and this one in particular:-

"I'm assuming that fashion plays a major part I female footwear, but come on girls, it really does not matter what you look like in weather like this,only that you can walk safely when getting about."

She just smiled that "It's really not worth trying to explain" smile and walked away in her high-heeled shoes with no tread.

  jakimo 18:37 29 Nov 2010

Focus has sensible ladies snow shoes for just £10.50 a pair

  Jameslayer 19:38 29 Nov 2010

I'm moving to newcastle. Most of the women in Derby last night were fully dressed :(

  morddwyd 20:27 29 Nov 2010


I've forgotten the garden tap!

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