interzone55 09:52 02 Dec 2008

OK it's 2nd December and there's a foot of snow outside my door.

I've just spent a shade over an hour attempting to get to work. I managed 1/4 mile then gave up & turned round.

Why does a few flakes of crispy white stuff bring this nation to a halt?

  Bingalau 10:03 02 Dec 2008

What snow, where? God I hope it doesn't come here. I'd better get out and get my provisions in for the winter.

  newman35 10:09 02 Dec 2008

I may be wrong, but a foot of snow equates to 'a few flakes of crispy white stuff ' in your mind??

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:10 02 Dec 2008

What's that?

Whatever it is, I never see it here in South Somerset.

  johndrew 10:18 02 Dec 2008

Snow click here ;-)

  Quickbeam 11:06 02 Dec 2008

We've got freezing rain, it's like glass on the pavements. Why don't councils do the pavements anymore?

  peter99co 11:23 02 Dec 2008

Clearing the pavement has it's problems. If you clear it and the salted snow turns to ice it is more of a problem. I think people have been sued for damages (Sure someone will confirm) by passers-by who have fallen and injured themselves. I leave mine alone and just clear the driveway inside the property.

  micky d 12:26 02 Dec 2008

Where you at then Alan as there's not a hint of snow around these parts(Northants) . Cold..........check. Wet..........check. windy........check. Snow........nope.

  Chegs ®™ 12:55 02 Dec 2008

Rarely see snow here,but on 1 of the rare previous occasions we'd had a local "freak" fall and the gritting crews got stuck.I abandoned my car and walked home,but as I was nearing my home(5 miles walk thru huge drifts,with double decker buses hidden in them)I came upon a geordie motorist waiting behind a truck,as I passed he wound down the window and beligerently asked "whats the hold-up?" at which I just pointed to all the snow and he then fired out the open window "I dont know,little bit of snow and the whole country grinds to a halt" I was sooooo tempted to point out to him that he'd stopped behind a truck that wasnt going anywhere and the road was clear past the tanker for at least a half mile,but I didnt,I just continued on wordlessly and thinking "muppet" The snowfall was only in approx 20 mile radius of this town,but it took 3 days before the main road was cleared.

  Bingalau 12:56 02 Dec 2008

Still lovely and sunny here in the Formby area.. You lot are living in the wrong place. Then again maybe not, I wouldn't like this area to become overcrowded.

  interzone55 13:01 02 Dec 2008

I got to work eventually - when the roads cleared a bit it still took an hour to travel a little under 4 miles.

I'm in Rochdale by the way, but most of the north west is covered and it's moving south.

Yes there was a foot outside my door, but the roads weren't quite so bad. I was though referring to times when chaos ensues after much less snow has fallen...

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