Smoothing the rim of a pressed glass tumbler.

  Brumas 12:38 01 Jun 2014

I have a modern pressed glass tumbler which feels slightly rough on the inside rim, not so rough as to actually cut but rough enough to feel noticeable on the inside of my lip when drinking from it.

What is the best method of smoothing it out, would wet and dry emery cloth/paper work or is there something specifically made for working on glass?

  carver 22:31 01 Jun 2014

Brumas didn't I tell you that safety glasses would have been adequate, as for the cricket box, been told that England are looking for a new player.

  bumpkin 22:44 01 Jun 2014

Brumas, LOL.

  Brumas 22:50 01 Jun 2014

carver, safety glasses would have been adequate: that was the cause of the problem, the glass got wedged between the safety glasses and the inside of the visor ;o}

I'm working on the box and body armour problem, I am applying for a part time job as a glass collector for our local rag rug group, they get a bit boisterous after their sherry!

  Quickbeam 07:40 02 Jun 2014

I'm surprised that anyone that's ever worked in a catering environment doesn't just bin any kind of cracked or chipped glass or pottery.

The chip/crack is a germ trap!

  Brumas 09:06 02 Jun 2014

Quickbeam it wasn't chipped or cracked old pal, the inside rim was just a litter 'raised' and as it was part of a gift I was loathe to throw it away if a workable solution could be found.

  Brumas 09:10 02 Jun 2014

I sought advice on the cricket box problem and was told that walking about would help and it did, Walking briskly I felt it give so I immediately whipped it off much to my relief and to the consternation of the staff of Homebase - my case comes up before the magistrate next week so I am appealing for character references ;o}

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