Smoothing the rim of a pressed glass tumbler.

  Brumas 12:38 01 Jun 2014

I have a modern pressed glass tumbler which feels slightly rough on the inside rim, not so rough as to actually cut but rough enough to feel noticeable on the inside of my lip when drinking from it.

What is the best method of smoothing it out, would wet and dry emery cloth/paper work or is there something specifically made for working on glass?

  carver 12:45 01 Jun 2014

Brumas "JEWELLERS ROUGE" will smooth it out without causing any damage.

Just takes a bit of time if you do it manually or use something like a Dremel with a polishing bit.

  spuds 12:52 01 Jun 2014

Jewellers rouge might solve the problem. If you have access to an very fine tape abrasive nail file, then give that a try. Make sure the rim is supported, and do not exert unnecessary pressure.

  spuds 12:54 01 Jun 2014

Perhaps I should have added. Nail file as used by females and sometimes males for pretty hands. Not nails you hammer in wood :O)

  Brumas 13:01 01 Jun 2014

Thanks guys, I shall seek out my Dremel and have a go at it.

  carver 13:07 01 Jun 2014

That will scratch the glass and leave an even worse finish.

If you want to try that sort of thing then this 3000 grit is the sort of thing to use with plenty of water and make sure you only come into contact with the edge you want to smooth.

Take a small piece and glue it to a 1/2 inch round piece of wood using waterproof glue.

Then when you look at the glass and see the marks left use this enter link description here

Glass polishing and smoothing is an art and best done very slowly that's why I suggested the rouge.

  carver 13:10 01 Jun 2014

Brumas just be careful when using the Dremel that it doesn't dry out, make sure the polishing bit is always a bit damp.

  spuds 13:18 01 Jun 2014

If you are going to use the Dremel, be very careful, it might shatter the glass if used with pressure or incorrectly. Have gloves and collecting tray at the ready.

  Aitchbee 13:22 01 Jun 2014

Brumas, once the rim is suitably smoothed, carefully pour a half a bottle of beer [Adnam's] into the tumbler then run the pad of your [already] wetted finger-tip slowly around the rim ... you should hear a perfect harmonic musical note ring out ... then commence to a-drinkin' the amber nectar, :o]

  carver 13:24 01 Jun 2014

No, still think that Mechkb 2 answer is the way to go, be a man and get that sander growling.

Please remember to wear safety glasses and hard hat at all times, gloves are not recommended as they could be a snagging hazard on the belt sander. Nearly forgot, safety boots are a must have in case you drop the sander.

  bumpkin 13:29 01 Jun 2014

You could use another glass or is that too easy.

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