Smoking in Front Of Other People

  tein 08:07 12 Sep 2008

Ive never smoked i hate it ive also lost both my granparents due to it & other distant members of my family, My Auntie came around yesterday after dinner time to meet up with my mother as ive just sepperated with my wife & moved back home,

Anyway my mother respects i dont smoke BUT my auntie "LitUp" in the kitchen & my mother said "Hey you cant do that here" then my auntie asked my mother WHY, So my mother explained BUT before she had chance to finish my auntie shouted "Oh Come On" i aint going outside regardless of what you say,

I told her my Suit for work is hung up in the kitchen but she said "SO What" i mentioned that "Does She" smoke in front of the grankids to which she replied "NO" so i said then whats the differance then between them & myself..?

I come accross thisn attitude a lot & i think its terrible that i should suffer cause they lack awareness of passive smoking..

Anyone else had the same issue.??

  Picklefactory 08:17 12 Sep 2008

I don't think the smoking is the main issue, it's simply lack of respect in general, here. If it was farting or belching or doing drugs, people like this would find a reason to justify doing what they choose, purely because they don't care about anyone else's opinion on the matter at hand, regardless of the fact that they are a guest in that person's home.
I sympathise with your position, I have experienced similar many times, and undoubtedly will again.
Good luck.

  laurie53 08:20 12 Sep 2008

It's your mother's house and if you don't like what goes on there find somewhere else.

Hanging your suit in the kitchen is likely to result in it picking up more odours than cigarette smoke.

I'm a non-smoker.

  newman35 08:54 12 Sep 2008

If your mother had asked her to stop, then she should have stopped/gone outside, as she was in her house and should have respected that.

  Quickbeam 08:59 12 Sep 2008

Jus' throw a bucket of water over 'em... then the penny will drop:)

  interzone55 09:11 12 Sep 2008

You obviously missed the line where the mother said "Hey you can't do that here".

This shows an obvious lack of respect from your auntie, I advise you go round her house after a good curry and fumigate the place...

  Quickbeam 09:17 12 Sep 2008

"go round her house after a good curry and fumigate the place..."

What with that, the smoke, the smell of kippers and the water splashes, I think the suit will be totally ruined!

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  birdface 10:05 12 Sep 2008

Now the way I see it is you have moved back into your mothers house and you don't like smoking.Now your aunt has probably been visiting your mother while you were not there and was allowed to smoke.Now you are back you want her to stop.Fair enough.But remember you are just a guest in your mothers house and it is your mothers choice and not yours.So basically everyone else has to change to keep you happy.I do not smoke either but if there were someone smoking in the kitchen and I did not like it .I would go into the living room or bedroom out of the way.Your mum will probably end up getting no visitors because you are only thinking of yourself. [ I come accross this attitude a lot & i think its terrible that i should suffer cause they lack awareness of passive smoking.] You could always get a house of your own.Sorry but you get no sympathy from me.

  laurie53 10:34 12 Sep 2008

"You obviously missed the line where the mother said "Hey you can't do that here"."

No I didn't. If the thread had been about the disrespect shown to the mother I would have sympathised, but it isn't; it's about personal likes/dislikes being imposed on a guest in somebody's house by another guest in the house

  [email protected] 10:39 12 Sep 2008

i smoke so much i cant believe im still here. but even before the smoking ban i always went outside to smoke at restaurants, never smoked in a car with a non smoker. i dont even smoke at home if i have a non smoking guest. simply because it's unfair and frankly rude, nowadays i don't even smoke in the street, it makes me feel kind of guilty!

  red1977 11:43 12 Sep 2008

Your aunt is very rude and inconsiderate and the smell of smoke is not nice either. You should have marched her out of the house and told her you are just not accepting her behaviour.
I am not convinced about the alleged dangers of passive smoking though.

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