Smoking Ban "Outside"

  Portal11 18:14 23 May 2011

Yup although i am a non smoker and always have been i hate to tell you smokers that sometimes what happens with our friends over in the states comes here...

Although only a partial ban the foot is in the door so to speak..

link text

  Forum Editor 18:29 23 May 2011

It will happen eventually - smoking will be banned, other than in the smoker's own home. The most powerful force for change is always public opinion, and public opinion is moving inexorably towards favouring a total ban in public places.

  Mark5001 19:11 23 May 2011

All well and good banning it completely but!! Where are the rights for the smoker? The non-smoker is favoured all the time. Smokers have the right to smoke if they choose. You will get more pollution in your lungs from the everyday smog and gases pumped out by industry and vehicles. This will cause a big stir if it is tried here. It's like telling folk that they cannot breathe out because of all the carbon dioxide we produce from breathing. (no I do not smoke)

  justme 20:03 23 May 2011

Mark 5001

I like yourself and everyone else in this country have the right to eject waste products (solid and liquid) from my body. But, and it is a big but, I do not have the right to cover anyone who happens to be near me at the time with my waste products.

I am a former smoker who gave up over thirty years ago and will support smokers in their right to smoke but only if they do not unilaterally force others to share their habit.

  Quickbeam 21:45 23 May 2011

Quite right, I hate having to run the gauntlet of foul smoke as I enter any building since they were forced outside.

As for smoker's rights being trodden on, think of it as the non smokers getting their own back for all the decades of having to suffer smoker's rights whilst being trodden over in opium den type conditions!

  ams4127 21:53 23 May 2011

I don't want "smoker's rights". I just want to be left alone, in my garden, smoking and having a beer.

  Quickbeam 22:00 23 May 2011

Well, if that's all you do in the garden, you should get plenty of weed.

  Quickbeam 22:01 23 May 2011

Grammatical correction, weeds in the plural of course...

  Portal11 22:34 23 May 2011

if its ONLY the home that is going to be place left to smoke then what will happen when people are at work?

  ams4127 22:39 23 May 2011

Quickbeam I should be so lucky!!

  Quickbeam 22:50 23 May 2011

"what will happen when people are at work?"

The same as when the workplace is a mine, a food factory, a hospital, you won't smoke at all, and the world won't end!

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