sunnystaines 18:38 30 Mar 2010

whats your attitude to smoking and smokers.

I was reading this warning to veggies and jews/moslems who smoke

click here
I do not smoke & get annoyed walking the guantlet of staff smokers each time I enter a large shopping complex.

nothing wrong with people smoking but wish they could keep out the way when doing so whats your views?

  canarieslover 19:05 30 Mar 2010

As an ex-smoker I do have a bit of sympathy for the smokers who stand outside in all weathers. Like sunnystaines I also don't like having to negotiate a way past them to get into a shopping complex. How much better it would have been if the complexes were allowed 'smokers rooms' where the only people affected were the ones who wanted to smoke. It would also solve the problem of the piles of cigarette butts that seem to decorate the area surrounding the entrance, but our law makers know best!

  jakimo 19:09 30 Mar 2010

could your link just be a ruse to pursued Jews and Muslims into giving up the weed.

I agree with you about walking the gauntlet,and I could be one of them if it hadn't been that my brother-in-law was dead within 30 days of being diagnosed with lung cancer,the other thing I was not aware of was how disgusting the smell of cigarette smoke is

  Snec 19:10 30 Mar 2010

Smokers, like me, the weak and addicted, with our revolting habit, who will waste money and lose lovers and die young in our stupid helpless pursuit of nicotine comforts, have lost the war.

Non-smokers have won. Smokers are now committed to a life outside. The strong and healthy and pure, have taken over everything: they've got the aeroplanes, the cinemas, the theatres, the restaurants, the pubs, they've got the inside of the whole world.

But still they complain about smokers. To them I say, stay inside and I wish you all a long and healthy life.

  morddwyd 19:49 30 Mar 2010

"'smokers rooms' where the only people affected were the ones who wanted to smoke."

And the cleaners, and the decorators, and the maintenance staff etc.

  morddwyd 19:52 30 Mar 2010

So that's why, when I stopped smoking, I had this unexplained craving for black pudding.

I had to satisfy my addiction!

  Grey Goo 20:33 30 Mar 2010

I used to smoke in my misspent youth, but have not used the weed for a long time. I must say that the Pub is now a more pleasant place to be along with the buses and trains. The fact that smokers have now become "Snoutcasts" in most commercial premises is causing the travelling public to wade through piles of dogends as the addicted huddle in groups and drop their litter in clusters to mark their territory.

  bri-an 20:55 30 Mar 2010

You are perfectly correct, how I long for the days when I could go into a cinema and have trails of pungent smoke attacking my nostrils, or to be in the centre seat on a flight with a heavy smoker on each side - sheer bliss. Bring it all back!

  dagbladet 22:53 30 Mar 2010

Oh gawd, and what about them mods with their noisy scooters and them Vikings with their blooming raping and pillaging.

  Awshum 22:57 30 Mar 2010

pure puke!

Smoking is utterly stinking, I realise it's an addiction but please stay out of the way... that's doorways and bus stop shelters! You can puff til your heart's content as far as I'm concerned if you stay out the way of us unaddicted.

  Chas49 00:12 31 Mar 2010

I had a relative in an old peoples home. There they had a room set aside for the smokers. The snoke was so thick that I could have lost my way crossing that room - and that's no exaggeration!!

I have aa cousin who was a heavy smoker - she is now riddled with cancer and has been told that thios cancer is terminal.

I agree whole heartedly with what Awshum has written.

A local pub landlord put a steel box on the door post(outside the building)and that takes care of the butts discarded by the more reaasonable smoker. Obviously he was concerned about losing his customers and the way pubs are disappearing these days is it any wonder.

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