Smoke Alarms ~ Do I replace

  wee eddie 16:14 22 Jul 2011

My battery powered Smoke Alarm is 10 next month.

It works well and is Tested regularly, sometimes too well as even Toast seems to set ot off on occasion, but I need to take it down to repaint the ceiling.

Should I get a new one?

  Bingalau 16:21 22 Jul 2011

There is always that old saying wee eddie, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

  bremner 16:22 22 Jul 2011


Most experts recommend discarding after 10 years Click here

  Quickbeam 16:29 22 Jul 2011

If you replace, you should be OK for the next 10 years.

  Terry Brown 16:33 22 Jul 2011

'Most experts' , One of the most misused phrases in the dictionary.

Most experts would not know what to do if it stood up and bit them on the rear-end.

If it works OK, then keep it, just test it on a regular basis. it is possibly more reliable than a new one


  peter99co 16:36 22 Jul 2011

For what they cost buy a new one. It might save your life.

Thanks for the reminder. I bet mine is as old.

Amazon 10 year Lithium Battery

Must place an order....

  Aitchbee 17:09 22 Jul 2011

If it still works - keep it - just hoover it to get rid of dust accumulated - I would get another one also , just to be on the safe side.

  interzone55 17:10 22 Jul 2011

Smoke Detectors use a small amount of radioactive material in the detecting bit, over a period, as with all radioactive substances, this decays and becomes less effective.

10 years seems to be the usually stated lifetime, in fact many of the new ones are sealed with a 10 year battery in place.

Annoyingly my smoke detector batteries reached the low point around 3am this morning, and it's not just a beep, no it goes BEEP "Batteries Low", BEEP "Batteries Low", so out with the ladder and I pull it off the ceiling to find it uses 3 x AA batteries, which is a pain because they come in packs of 4.

  wiz-king 17:15 22 Jul 2011

Give it a clean, when I took one of mine down to paint the ceiling it was full of dust and grime, I blew the ionisation chamber out with dry compressed air and brushed the dirt off the circuit board. I have put this particular one on the landing upstairs as it is very sensitive to grilled sausage whereas another make seems to not detect sausages but works well with lamb chops.

  bremner 17:19 22 Jul 2011

Terry Brown

Would i take the opinion of fire industry experts over yours - of course I would

The small outlay for a smoke detector or dying in a fire, hard decision that!

  BT 17:26 22 Jul 2011

"it uses 3 x AA batteries, which is a pain because they come in packs of 4."

I usually buy mine in packs of 40/48 from 7DayShop

Bulk Batteries

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