Smelly emulsion after openig back door.

  Ex plorer 16:59 03 Mar 2015

After re a emulsion the kitchen today all went well until I opened the back door for a bit of fresh air and to cool down then I continued to finish the last of the wall.

The smell of the emulsion intensified from extremely mild to very over powering stink and almost eye watering and leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

I have blasted the walls with air freshener to cover up the stench but thats all it will do as the smell is now coming back.

This is the last room of the house to be done and no problems its all Dulux emulsion I have used and the first time its happened.

I have looked on the Internet for a solution to cover the smell but I cant find whats best to do.

Any one know if I covered it with a water downed salutation of Unibonb would help and then redecorate or should I just try it out,unfortunately its on paper but just to damp the walls may do it, Or does anyone have a better idea.

  Ex plorer 18:31 03 Mar 2015

I started to clean down the work surfaces with a anti bacteria work top cleaner and that gave me an idea as I use a pad for all my emulsion jobs I squirted some on the pad and did a small section of wall.

After 10mins or so it seemed to have neutralized the bad smell on that area, I continued to cover all the walls in the same manor and now its very acceptable all I can smell is the work surface cleaner.

I hope its the same in the morning when I give the kitchen a blast of fresh air.

I will give the name of the cleaner tomorrow just in case it has an adverse affect on the emulsion but all looks well.

  Aitchbee 20:22 03 Mar 2015

Cut-up a few large onions and place 'em [on dishes] around the rooms in which you are doin' any painting. The onions will help absorb the offending fumes.

  bumpkin 21:01 03 Mar 2015

Probably a different rate of absortion to the other rooms and not dried properly, you should have given it a bit more time before attacking it with other sustances, you only painted it today.

  lotvic 21:07 03 Mar 2015

I thought you were having a laff until I googled 'Smelly emulsion' seems you are not the only one who's had this problem, and not just Dulux, Crown as well. Here's an excerpt from one Thread titled 'This paint stinks!' ClickHere

"Until the weather warmed up and we opened a window. Then we get the same smell as you describe - a strong gas-like smell. Even had Transco out to check the gas supply which was not the cause and we've checked the drains etc. As yet we can't explain it but we only get the smell with the window open"

  bumpkin 21:52 03 Mar 2015

Curious, having read lotvics link. As you have used the same paint in other rooms with no bad effect I can only think that it is reacting with something. Was it a new unopened can?

  bumpkin 21:58 03 Mar 2015

Curious, having read lotvics link. As you have used the same paint in other rooms with no bad effect I can only think that it is reacting with something. Was it a new unopened can? or has it been diluted or stored for a long time?

  Forum Editor 22:28 03 Mar 2015

Just wait for 48 hours - the smell will disappear.

  morddwyd 08:07 04 Mar 2015

Don't know if if works with paint, but leaving a burning candle in the room deals with lots of unpleasant odours.

  Quickbeam 08:22 04 Mar 2015

Surely you should add 'but not left unattended' morddwyd being as you come from an H&S background;-)

HB, how do you get rid of the emulsion taint from the onions before using them...?

  Ex plorer 09:09 04 Mar 2015

Morning all thanks for your replies, well this morning there was no bad smell, but... when I opened the door let some cold fresh air in a smell of gas or like an old car batter can give off.

I know I rushed the cleaning but I wanted to prepare my tea and the smell was really that bad I had to do something.

What I used was (Gumption Kitchen Multi Purpose Cleaner with Apple) bought it in Aldi.

Yes when I Googled the problem crown and other makes had similar problems.

The tin I used was one I had, its about eight years old now and unopened it must have gone off but no smell was evident on opening it.

That must be the reason, the paint must have gone off.

Good link lotvic they had the gas smell for forty plus days.

I can try onions to soak up the smell cant open the windows or door's as that is what causes it, unfortunately back and front Door are in the kitchen Dinning area and I do need to go out.

I will continue with experiments to get rid of the smell and come back maybe I should rub onions on the wall.

My house is very old and been emulsion-ed many times I put it down to the old paint. False economy.

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