Smartphone Market Woes

  bremner 18:16 17 Jun 2011

With the announcements from RIM and Nokia of their poor sales figures and the MS Mobile 7 operating sysyem as popular as smallpox have Apple and Android seen off the opposition and is this a good thing.

RIM Report

Nokia Report

  canarieslover 20:27 17 Jun 2011

Definitely not a good thing to have all your options narrowed down. I'm not a phone freak so it won't affect me too soon as I tend to keep a phone forever,or until I leave it in my pocket and it goes into the washing machine. Twice I've managed to do that!!!

  ams4127 22:18 17 Jun 2011

Personally I don't think it's a good thing because, with only two major players, competition can't lead to price cuts.

Whether or not one likes Apple isn't the point, they have consistently produced products which, as their advertising says "Work straight out of the box" and no other manufacturer has got anywhere near them.

Android, with Google behind it, is enormous and works well according to my friends who have their phones. Interestingly, none of them have the slightest intention of buying an Android Pad, but most would give their eye teeth for an iPad.

I have a Blackberry phone because it does what I want a smartphone to do. I have an iPad because it does just about everything elsa.

I remember reading somewhere that Apple could sell the iPad for half the current price and still make a profit. If that's true then no other manufacturer will even get a look in.

  Forum Editor 22:55 17 Jun 2011

"The thing you have to understand is that this is fun."

That's about the most ridiculous statement I've heard yet, coming from a joint-CEO of a company that has seen its share price take a knocking, and is about to lay off large numbers of its workers. Try telling those people that the thing they have to understand is "that this is fun".

RIM appears to have no cohesive strategy, is bringing new products to market too late for the summer buying season, and is being outpaced by its rivals.

Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie don't appear to understand that in a fast-moving market sector you must innovate or die; it isn't good enough simply to sit back having fun.

  Condom 23:27 17 Jun 2011

God help us all if we end up at the mercy of Apple and its total control culture. At least the jail breakers will have a future to look forward to.

  Noldi 09:07 18 Jun 2011

I just acquired a new phone it runs Android 2.3.3 but it’s not a iPhone, I am very happy with the product it does for me what I require when I’m out and about its a Phone, e-mail, message, internet, blue tooth, appointment calendar plus the normal extras such as camera etc.

Apple is very in with the in crowd with their gadgets, just look at the queues when they release a new product. Until somebody else can match this hype then they have the market, My Daughter and Son only use the apple for private both have different phones for work so they can be beaten, But I did notice something last week, I had to stand in for my boss at a higher level meeting than I normally attended at and 90% of the phones on the table where Apple some even having 2.

I suppose by not using a iPhone then I don’t pay a premium on my monthly contract, That premium must be a big income for providers and Apple on top of what they already make.


  Quickbeam 09:41 18 Jun 2011

I've just bought an HTC on Android to replace my snail like Win Mobile PDA. It does everything lightening quick except use my Memory Map OS mapping. I'm so impressed with the OS that when I replace (it has to wear out first) my netbook, I'll look at a Goggle pad.

Are the days of heavy weight PC OSs like Windows on the decline?

  Quickbeam 09:51 18 Jun 2011

...on small devices I should say.

  Condom 19:10 18 Jun 2011

Yes Apple is certainly sold by hype. In my opinion the case of the iPhone 3 is so much easier to hold than the iPhone 4. So what is the Apple all about? The screen is it and not much else. The camera(s) are not great when compared to many others and neither is the music playing. iTunes is a nightmare as is their help desk which is a misnoma and the battery lasts as long, that should be short,as a day. There really has to be better phones out there which are not only better but cheaper. Get the screen correct and then get your advertising sorted out and you should be able to kill off an iPhone.

  woodchip 22:22 18 Jun 2011

If most people did not have to have a phone grafted onto there ear this thread would not have got off the ground, but as it is most people cannot do without them. they seem to me to be one armed and one eared, it begs the question, how we got along for so long without them. Yes they are handy, but does our lives depend on them

  Strawballs 09:28 19 Jun 2011


How did we ever get on without Computers and internet? but were all on here rather a lot!!

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