Smartphone Addiction - Are You?

  morddwyd 10:41 04 Aug 2011

Spate of news reports suggest that people are becoming addicted to their smartphones.

How about you?

I must admit that when I'm in the health centre waiting room later today I will probably be reading an e-book, doing a crossword or playing patience/ chess or similar on my phone.

Does that count as an addiction? If I didn't have the phone I would still probably be reading a book.

  Quickbeam 11:00 04 Aug 2011

I still pickup the battered copies of Readers Digest at the doctor's. Dentists prefer a battered National Geographic or Country life.

I always wondered why that was the case, and if doctors were more likely to use Internet Explorer and dentists Opera...

  Aitchbee 11:53 04 Aug 2011

I use a spare mobile phone solely to listen to the radio when I am out. It makes waiting for buses a much more pleasurable experience. Radio 4 mostly.

  Woolwell 12:02 04 Aug 2011

I wouldn't like to be without it but is that the same as addiction?

  ams4127 12:04 04 Aug 2011

Woolwell, my feelings exactly.

  Woolwell 12:22 04 Aug 2011

Have thought again about this and realised that I am using my iPad for many of the things that I used to use my smartphone for.

  wiz-king 12:51 04 Aug 2011

Haven't got one ------------------- for that reason!

  Crosstrainer2 13:10 04 Aug 2011

Guilty, I'm afraid....My iphone is alway's close by :))

  interzone55 13:23 04 Aug 2011

I used to think that a smartphone was a waste, all I needed a phone for was texts and calls, but then I got a Smartphone (HTC Desire S) and realised just how useful they are.

In a new town and need to find a particular street, turn on the GPS, fire up Navigator and bob's your weird uncle who's not allowed near the kids.

See something interesting like a nice flower or butterfly, turn on the autofocus 5mp camera and snap away.

Last day of your holiday and you've not sent your Mum a post card, take a nice photo of the Hotel or beach or whatever, fire up the Postcards app, load the photo, add text & your Mum's address and the postcard is posted in the UK same day, it'll get home before you for once.

Add in Kindle App, silly guitar or piano app, the brilliant All Recipes Dinner Spinner app, Shop Savvy barcode scanner etc and you've got everything you need in your pocket.

Don't think I could go back to the old Nokia 6021 that served me well for many years...

  Toneman 19:08 04 Aug 2011

Watched the rerun of Sherlock last night. Was that a smartphone he had? Looked more like my daughter's Tocco Lite

  rdave13 19:40 04 Aug 2011

I have a fifteen squid Nokia phone. I can make phone calls, text, with difficulty (big fingers and worsening eyesight) and listen to the radio if ever I find the tiny headphones that came with it. On occasions I need to hang around waiting I'll play Sudoku on it. It's not a very smart phone but good enough for me.

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