Smart phones, gimmick or necessity?

  Blackhat 14:53 01 Dec 2012

I do not understand the craze of the need for a smart phone.

I have a basic mobile phone with which I make & receive calls & text messages. It has other functions that I do not use. I am not fully aware of all that smart phones can do but are we being duped into thinking that we must have the latest technology even if we do not need it? These things must cost more than a basic phone and I imagine most of what they offer is available on your PC, laptop or digital camera which most people possess.

Can anyone really justify the absolute necessity for such a device? A few years ago we managed quite well with just calls & text.

If you have a smart phone can you tell me what benefit it gives you and does it justify the cost?

  wee eddie 15:04 01 Dec 2012

If I were 16+ there would be no arguement, a smartphone is social necessity.

However, not just any old smartphone, but the latest model, that is de-rigeur.

  Blackhat 15:14 01 Dec 2012

wee eddie

By social necessity I take it that you mean Facebook, Twitter etc. What has happened to meeting up with your mates and chatting? Kids these days can live their social lives from their bedroom, is that a good or a bad thing?

  carver 15:59 01 Dec 2012

Sorry but 5 years ago I would have agreed with every sentence but not now, I have got more and more used to relying on a smart phone it's now a necessity and not a gimmick.

I can use the internet while out side away from home, camera and video mean that I can look at a horse and send info back to a third party to get a second opinion in a matter of minutes.

I like my phone, it's a Samsung galaxy S3 and I don't have to wear glasses to see the thing and make out text on it, it's got a proper keyboard instead of having to press a button 3 times to get the letter I want.

The thing is if you don't have one then you don't realise that you need one.

  Pine Man 16:08 01 Dec 2012

I look at a smart phone as my PC away from home. It does virtually everything it can do but is small enough to carry in my pocket.

Most obvious use is emails when away from home. Satnav is very useful for finding your way on foot in a large city at home or abroad.

Camera is very useful especially when some prat drives into your parked car!

The list is endless and you can even make phone calls on it!!

  Quickbeam 16:15 01 Dec 2012

"gimmick or necessity?"

Both, if you want one get one, if you don't, don't

You might as well ask if a TV remote is a gimmick or necessity. A TV will work without one, in a fashion.

But could you go back to getting up from your seat to change channels and then trying to replicate the exact comfortable position you were lying in when you get back...?

  OTT_B 16:31 01 Dec 2012

I wouldn't voluntarily go back to a 'basic' phone now. I tried using a 'basic' phone a couple of weeks ago, but ended up putting the SIM into my own smartphone. The ergonomics and capability of the old style phones just seem outdated to me now.

  LastChip 18:03 01 Dec 2012

The question was, is it a necessity?

Unquestionably, the answer is no. You wouldn't come to any harm without one.

Whether it's desirable, is a totally different question. Personally, I get along fine without one and pay a fraction in charges, compared to many others.

  Aitchbee 19:22 01 Dec 2012

I've never used a smartphone [to it's full potential], but several of my friends, apparently, are very happy to pay the hefty fees for the 'smartness' which is bestowed upon the owner of such a device ... and I suppose that's what feeds the remarkable sales' growth of these innovative 'baubles'.

  morddwyd 23:07 01 Dec 2012

I don't need a smart phone but I di need a phone.

I also need a PIM.

I therefore combine the btwo

  sunnystaines 11:13 02 Dec 2012

i find my galaxys3 handy for internet when sitting around stores while the wife looks at clothing, camera very handy too, also decent size keyboard hated prev phones with child size keyboards, also alarm function used a lot too.

not into social media bits.

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