Smart Meters. Good, Bad or Indifferent ?

  flycatcher1 19:41 19 May 2015

I get our Dual Fuel from Ovo but I follow prices and may leave. They have offered me a Smart Meter but I have read that, in some cases, there have been problems with operation and difficulties when changing suppliers. Everyone is supposed to have them by 2020. Comments from Forum Members would be appreciated , I like to move with the times but I am all for an easy life without undue hassle.

  flycatcher1 10:01 21 May 2015

Thanks for all your sensible comments. I have declined OVO's Smart Offer.

  BT 12:41 21 May 2015

Would not have one in the house.

Maybe not at the moment, but there will come the day in the not too distant future when you will have one, want it or not!

  bumpkin 13:12 21 May 2015

What are they meant to do then to warrant the name "smart" If they send meter readings, then how, what are they connected to. Are they just for electric or do gas have similar ones?

  wee eddie 13:50 21 May 2015

Until these Meters are able to do something that qualifies as "Smart" they will only arrive in my house, if they are forced on me.

Now, if they were able to change the cost of your power, depending on availability, and turn equipment on/off to take advantage of lower cost or usage elsewhere in the UK, they are not "Smart". The name was badly chosen and is not "Fit for Purpose"

  flycatcher1 20:00 21 May 2015

BT I regret to say you are right - we will get them whether we want them or not. However, If we are made to have them I hope that they will be of a universal standard for use with all suppliers and a lot more reliable.

  lotvic 22:29 21 May 2015

'Smart' seems to mean they phone home with the meter reading and an added display tells you how much you've spent. gov co uk Clickhere says:

"Most of the smart meters that are being installed today use mobile phone-type signals to send meter readings to your supplier, and other wireless technologies to send information to the in-home display. However, there are a number of other technologies available."

Smart meters bring a wide range of benefits. For example:

smart meters give you near real time information on energy use - expressed in pounds and pence

you will be able to better manage your energy use, save money and reduce emissions

smart meters will bring an end to estimated billing - you will only be billed for the energy you actually use, helping you budget better

easier switching - smoother and faster to switch suppliers to get the best deals

You will not be charged separately for a smart meter or for the in-home display. Under current arrangements you pay for the cost of your meter and its maintenance through your energy bills, and this will be the same for a smart meter.

  Sterlingtimes 22:19 02 Jul 2015

Siemens installed gas and electric smart meters on behalf of Ovo. At the time of installation, the Siemens technician told be that the 3G signal strength was adequate but the meter would not connect to Ovo's Canadian server. Ovo tells me that the meter is "dumb" and that I am in no worse a situation than I was in in the first place. Then I received a Smart Gateway and that doesn't work either. Ovo has not as yet responded to my emails. It looks like a case of technology failure.

All historic records deleted at My Ovo and lost my right to 50% deemed solar export savings.

Be very careful if you commit because Ovo's follow-up support is zero.

  flycatcher1 12:04 03 Jul 2015

Ovo is not what it was, maybe the owner is more interested in Motor Racing than his Company.

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