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Smart Meters. Good, Bad or Indifferent ?

  flycatcher1 19:41 19 May 2015

I get our Dual Fuel from Ovo but I follow prices and may leave. They have offered me a Smart Meter but I have read that, in some cases, there have been problems with operation and difficulties when changing suppliers. Everyone is supposed to have them by 2020. Comments from Forum Members would be appreciated , I like to move with the times but I am all for an easy life without undue hassle.

  bumpkin 20:09 19 May 2015

*They have offered me a Smart Meter *

Who has? If it is Ovo whom you are thinking of changing from anyway it has no advantage to yourself.

  canarieslover 20:49 19 May 2015

My son recently changed supplier and had to have a different Smart meter installed as the other one would not communicate with his new supplier. Just another on-cost for the end user to bear. I would only consider them fit to be called Smart when they can detect that I have gone on holiday and shut unnecessary usages down for me instead of me having to do it myself. How many people actually look at a Smart meter and say I'll have to turn the lights and heating off and go to bed at 7pm as I have used my energy quota for the day? I don't think I know anybody who will do that!!9

  wee eddie 21:29 19 May 2015

Most smart Meters are about as smart as a pig and I wouldn't have one of them in the house either.

  bumpkin 22:14 19 May 2015

wee eddie, nor would I, happy with a normal gas and electric meter. Introducing something "Smart" gives it the opportunity to prove otherwise and cause problems.

  flycatcher1 22:35 19 May 2015

bumpkin Ovo has offered me the Smart Meter. It would appear that there is no Standard for Smart Meters and so if I accept one from Ovo it would not work with EDF. The Government, and the EU, say that everyone will have them by 2020 and yet encourage users to move to cheaper suppliers and get a new Smart Meter. It does not add up.

I think that I will stay meter wise as I am - and quite happy to pass my monthly meter readings on the net.

  lotvic 00:37 20 May 2015

Don't know about 'Smart' but here's a puzzle, on Thurs early hours we had an electric outage, came back on about 7AM in morning. Then over 15 hours later at 10:30PM at night I got a Text message to tell me the Electric was back on... Well duh!

First time I've ever had a text from the POWERGRID and I have no idea how they have my mobile number or why they thought I hadn't noticed the electric was back on.

  BT 08:00 20 May 2015

"They still come round to read the meters though."

You have to legally have your meters read and checked once a year. Not just for billing but for safety. Your provider can force entry using a warrant if necessary.

  BT 12:31 20 May 2015

I don't have a Smart Meter but my old style mechanical meter with the spinning disc etc was replaced a couple of years ago by a new meter about the size of a small paperback. At the same time the engineer replaced all the meter tails to the fusebox and checked everything over. The new meter is much easier to read having a LCD display with large numbers. Although I submit my readings I still get a visit from the Meter reader occasionally.

Gas meter is outside in a white box and was put there by the Gas company when they had to replace my supply pipe due to a leak. Part of the replacement package involved moving the meter from inside the kitchen to an outside box, so no reading problems.

  wee eddie 13:13 20 May 2015

Smart Meters that are mostly, not so Smart.

I would guess that most people, who have sufficient savvy to use their Smart Meter for its intended purpose, have already put in hand the basic Power Savings that the Smart Meter was intended to offer.

So its mostly preaching to the converted.

  caccy 17:38 20 May 2015

They will be great for your supplier who. in the future, will be able bill you at a different rate every half hour ( this I believe is their meter update interval).

Would not have one in the house.

Surely a card giving the approximate cost for each appliance would be cheaper and just as good.

Are you going to stop using your washing machine because of its high electricity consumption?

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