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Smart Meters coming soon, get yours now

  Graham* 16:43 08 Nov 2016

We are told everyone will have Smart Meters by 2020. Ask your Utility company if you can have yours now. Mine are being installed on Friday November 25th. They're free.

  oresome 15:12 09 Nov 2016

The incompatibility issue is to be resolved by employing a central meter reading company, who will then pass the readings on to the individual energy suppliers. Presumably they will have a number of decoding programs to suit the variety of meters in use.

This additional cost layer doesn't strike me as being all that efficient.

I'm not sure why anyone thinks the meter readings will be more accurate other than there may be less room for human error than in reading an old style meter. I provide meter readings as requested by my energy supplier before a bill is produced, but in any case the direct debit is fixed for the year under normal circumstances, so any under or over estimate would correct itself on the next actual reading.

  bumpkin 15:40 09 Nov 2016

I'm not sure why anyone thinks the meter readings will be more accurate

Just had a thought and it is just that. I wonder if the ageing meters do wear and become less accurate with a tendency record on the low side, maybe not by much but there are lots of them. Something that will be vehemently denied of course.

  Forum Editor 16:58 09 Nov 2016


Any mechanical device is prone to wear, and utility meters are no exception.

  Burn-it 18:51 09 Nov 2016

I don't see why so called smart meters are not usable across suppliers. They all do the same physical job so the only thing that should need changing is any pricing display software. If each company insists on having a different meter, that is their problem, not the consumers and they really should be told to get stuffed. Then they have the gall to turn round and say the meter belongs to the consumer so they have to pay for it - but you HAVE to have ours.

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