Smart car to beat parking cheats

  peter99co 21:31 20 Oct 2011

Big Brother

Watch where you park in Peterborough.

I hope they get one in my City.

  Woolwell 22:37 20 Oct 2011

There's been one in Plymouth for ages. Taxi drivers got really irritated with it.

  Forum Editor 23:00 20 Oct 2011

These cars have been a familiar sight in some London boroughs for some time.

  peter99co 23:52 20 Oct 2011

It's the Taxi Drivers who queue outside their ranks and cause traffic problems and the School drop off cars who stop buses getting past that cause our problems.

  Strawballs 01:48 21 Oct 2011

I think they should do something about the blue badge holders that park in dangerous places ie yellow lines.

Yellow lines are there because it is not safe to park there so how does having a piece of blue card inside the windscreen sudenly make ie safe?

  Strawballs 03:58 21 Oct 2011

"The Blue Badge scheme is for people with severe mobility problems. It allows Blue Badge holders to park close to where they need to go."

So why was it the other day that I saw someone park on yellow lines put up his badge at one end of the village then work his way down a row of shops going into a few of them then back to his car but none of the shops were near his car

  Strawballs 04:00 21 Oct 2011

Also you still have not answered the question of how is it not dangerous for them but is for anybody without the badge!!

  Chegs ®™ 04:04 21 Oct 2011

Our council have shelved their parking enforcement and its now being transferred to neighbouring council,whilst the deal is being sorted out,there is a general "free for all" in & around the town.Result: its utter murder trying to get about as motorists are literally dumping the vehicles wherever they need be.I have reported umpteen incidents of cars parking opposite each other leaving just enough room for a cyclist to pass to the police,as I'm thoroughly sick of knocking on doors asking for the cars to be moved,& getting smart* telling me its not their car when it plainly belongs to an occupant within the house,just not the youngster who opened the door.

Apparently,these mobile enforcement vehicles can park where they like (including on the same set of double yellow lines as the offender)whilst they video the offence,& there have been incidents where drivers have been reported for parking offences when it could be seen the offender was actually waiting for other vehicles to pass.

I wish something like these vehicles were patrolling our streets,as the message would soon hit home that blocking the road while they "nip to a shop" is dam inconsiderate,and could lead to loss of life were emergency vehicles requiring access.

  morddwyd 07:59 21 Oct 2011

"how is it not dangerous for them but is for anybody without the badge!!"

Blue badge holders who park in dangerous positions face the same penalties as other motorists, as do those that cause obstructions, I have been done three times for the latter!

Yellow lines are not only there because it is possibly dangerous, but more often because obstruction may be caused.

Blue badge holders may only park on yellows where loading is permitted. If it is dangerous for a smart car with a blue badge, how much more dangerous is it for white van man, or even our own WTM with an arctic?

  cream. 08:36 21 Oct 2011


Is WTM now working for Iceland?

  cream. 08:42 21 Oct 2011

As a blue badge holder. You use common sense on where you park. If you can cause an obstruction you can be booked for it. I was asked to move a few yards down a double yellow lined road as it may have been difficult for large lorries swinging out from a narrow junction. I quite happily moved further down.

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