Smallest 'proper' PC going?

  Dizzy Bob 09:21 01 Mar 2005

This looks quite cool!

click here

Dizzy Bob

  Kate B 21:32 01 Mar 2005

We had a bit about in the paper last week and I checked out the site then - it does look nice and cool!

  Jackcoms 21:40 01 Mar 2005


And then I looked at the price.

Yuk! Yuk! Pass the barge pole.

  josie mayhem 21:58 01 Mar 2005

It's too small, watch a movie on it, you'll must be joking!

I ware glasses for computer work as it is, but with this, I would need a magnifying glass.

NO I don't like it, and the cost even puts me off more, just imagine what specs you would get if you brought a latop, a flipping good one, and change to buy serval dvd's to watch toboot.

  Forum Editor 00:21 02 Mar 2005

with interest (it's been a couple of years in the making), and I wish it luck in the market. My own view is that the selling price will operate against it - as josie mayhem says. you could buy a very nice laptop for a lot less.

Very small computers aren't new. Some years ago I used a Toshiba Libretto, and I loved it. The Libretto drew admiring glances wherever I went. With its 7.1 inch full-colour screen this was the world's smallest fully-specified Pentium computer, and was no larger than an average-sized paperback book. Unfortunately the world moved on, and my Libretto began to feel very slow. I regularly see them on Ebay, and I'm often tempted to bid for one, just for old times sake; I have rarely enjoyed a computer as much as I did when I had the Libretto, and I would certainly like to get my hands on one of these OQO's.

  speedy12 03:45 02 Mar 2005

ooooo, now we're talkin! 1ghz!! its soo small

  recap 09:17 02 Mar 2005

Even as a replacement for a PDA, it's a little expensive, nice though.

  Buchan 35 00:21 09 Mar 2005

How expensive can it get. I`ve just gone onto the `Buy` page to see how much, and it wouldn`t let me go back. It`s whats going to happen and people like josie mayhem , myself, and a few others who wear specs,we are just going to have to invest in a pair of binoculars. I remember many years ago in the RAF a bunch of us in the mess were talking about Video Tape Recorders and I said that in the not too distant future we`d get one the size of a match box.Alas that hasn`t happened yet because the era of DVD has overtaken us, and it`s good. I`m going to stop jawing and finish my wine and hit the sack. Pleasure to have chatted with you. `Night.

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