Small corner shops.

  Cymro. 11:23 18 May 2008

Are small corner shops over rated?

They are usually over priced.
You don`t always get the friendly service that they are always on about.
They don`t have convenient parking.
If youngsters want to buy alcohol or tobacco products they are mare likely to be served at a small shop.

  Forum Editor 11:28 18 May 2008

they are often open when other shops aren't, they sometimes offer Post Office services, and stock the things we all need at such times. They survive because of it, and because they'll deliver the papers to your door - try getting Tesco to do that.

Corner shops fulfil a need, if they didn't they would soon vanish, and I for one would deeply regret that.

  Cymro. 11:39 18 May 2008

They are often open when other shops aren't
True but they don`t usually have 24 hour opening.

They offer Post Office services
Some supermarkets have post offices

They'll deliver the papers
Yes alright very true.

Corner shops fulfil a need
So how come they are closing down then?

If they vanish, and I for one would deeply regret it.
So you would regret it , I would not.

  anskyber 11:45 18 May 2008

I would regret the loss of all corner shops. Where I live now and in other houses I found the corner shop was invaluable for those things not worth the 12 mile journey to a supermarket.

Corner shops are closing for a whole range of reasons, many of which are outside of their direct control. They are fighting back in areas like cost competition to a degree by working together in chains like Londis.

  Cymro. 11:50 18 May 2008

I must admit that I have also found them convenient at times but will usually do all I can to avoid going in to them.

As for giving them my custom on a regular bases that is something I just can`t afford to do.

  rickf 11:58 18 May 2008

Corner shops do fulfil a need. I don't always want to go to Sainburys or Tesco for a couple of items. My one bakes fresh bread everyday, both organic and ordinary ones. If I go early enough they are usually still warm and yes they know me and always have a greeting for me when I go there. The likes of Tescos are not only killing small businesses but als to an extent the community.

  Forum Editor 12:11 18 May 2008

there are thousands of thriving corner shops. They thrive because they serve a need in the community. I can nip out to one at 10:00p.m. on a Friday evening and buy the chocolate that my wife has suddenly realised she craves, and they'll have almost everything in the basic food line. They stock newspapers and magazines, every kind of soft drink, plus alchohol by the fridge-load.

A quarter of a mile away there's another, almost identical shop, and they both seem to do well. Both shops are a ten-minute drive from a huge 24-hour Tesco supermarket. It's the convenience aspect of these shops which keeps them going, and in London at least they certainly aren't closing down in their thousands - but then in a city of 8 million people I suppose there's room for almost any retail operation.

  Cymro. 12:14 18 May 2008

My one bakes fresh bread everyday, both organic and ordinary ones.
So do the supermarkets.

They know me and always have a greeting for me when I go there.
So does the supermarket that I use.

The likes of Tescos are not only killing small businesses but also to an extent the community.
Yes true enough but it could be said that communitys are just changing rather than dying.

  Cymro. 12:17 18 May 2008

Even in the rural community that I live in some small shops still hang on. As you say if they fill a need.

  robgf 12:18 18 May 2008

The prices in corner shops are higher, but it's not profiteering, they pay a much higher price than supermarkets, for their goods.

It can be cheaper to use the corner shop sometimes. For example, if I run out of bread, it's cheaper (and more eco friendly) to go to the corner shop and pay 30p more for a loaf, than the 8 mile round trip to Sainsburys, which would use 80p worth of diesel.

It will be a sad day, when the only choice is the big supermarkets.
I always think that it's sad, that no matter where you go nowadays, most of the shops are the same. You can visit a town center 200 miles away and the shops are the same as at home, boooorrriiinnngggg.

  Forum Editor 12:35 18 May 2008

Don't let us keep you if you have something far more interesting to do.

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