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slipping web pages on PCA

  sunnystaines 12:28 25 Jan 2015

anyone else got this I will be reading a page where I have scrolled down then suddenly the page slides to the top again very annoying.

using w8.1 with chrome 64bit, not got this on any other site just PCA.

  HondaMan 08:48 27 Jan 2015

I think Flak999 has the correct idea as my iMac is doing the same thing and there is just time to see the ad open. I have just installed Ghostery to try to block this from happening.

  lotvic 14:30 27 Jan 2015

FFox, I haven't turned Adblock+ back on yet, as don't seem to need it now I've got Ghostery... will wait and see.

  sunnystaines 16:59 27 Jan 2015

looks like the dodgy ads have been a good advert for ghostery.

just as those flashing bad ads ages ago did for adblock plus

  SparkyJack 17:11 27 Jan 2015

Me too and a refresh back too top of page occurs from time to to time.

Even more frustration is when composing a response thevpagecwill go to interest ads/Facebook/link in/tube it multiple clicks to get back. Grrrrrr

  sunnystaines 12:48 29 Jan 2015

got fed up with the slipping pages now added ghostery too, all ok now.

  HondaMan 12:53 29 Jan 2015

Interestingly, when I visited this site, just now, Adblocl+ shows that it has blocked 13 ads from opening!

  iscanut 16:10 29 Jan 2015

Ghostery & AdBlock + bothj OK on Firefox. Ghstery found 21 trackers on pca site !

  sunnystaines 19:34 29 Jan 2015

ghostery blocking 21 [including bad ads making page slip adblock plus blocking 24

  sunnystaines 08:14 30 Jan 2015


using chrome at present both working well together, no more of that page slipping just could not stand it anymore.

I wish PCA could test the ads before putting them out, or delete them till the fix the problems with them.

  iscanut 13:18 30 Jan 2015

Jock1e....I dont ! Don't know why my set up should be OK when others are not.

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