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slipping web pages on PCA

  sunnystaines 12:28 25 Jan 2015

anyone else got this I will be reading a page where I have scrolled down then suddenly the page slides to the top again very annoying.

using w8.1 with chrome 64bit, not got this on any other site just PCA.

  bumpkin 13:13 25 Jan 2015

Had it for a long time. I did post about it some time back, only a couple of short replies saying they thought it was ad related.

  tonyq 13:22 25 Jan 2015

I have page slides, thought it was a problem with my mouse. Checked drivers ect. Glad to now it's no just me.

  bumpkin 13:47 25 Jan 2015

A bit of guessing on my part but I think an ad appears and pushes the page down before your blocker can react, then it gets blocked and the page goes up again or something on those lines.

  csqwared 14:35 25 Jan 2015

Glad it's not just me, I too thought it was mouse problem and been checking drivers etc. Using Firefox on Linux Mint 13.

  Nontek 15:13 25 Jan 2015

Ditto here - I was about to perhaps try a new mouse! Glad I didn't.

  caccy 15:54 25 Jan 2015

Have the following to block adverts and do not get this problem. Seem to remember getting this effect(realy annoying) at one time before I added one of the following. 1) Spyware Blocker 2) Super Antispyware 3) Ghostery

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:46 25 Jan 2015

yes its the ads across the top of the page really annoying!

as the page loads, the ads appear later and slip the page down.

  lotvic 21:11 25 Jan 2015

Yes I've got this annoying page slip too. Got so used to it I take it as the 'norm' for pca.

  AroundAgain 21:50 25 Jan 2015

Yes, I have the same problem I thought it was my mouse scroll wheel so uninstalled and reinstalled drivers - no change! At least it's not only me and I now know the reason. It's certainly a pain, though, and I hope it can be fixed, soon, please

  sunnystaines 07:38 26 Jan 2015

any plans by pca to fix it? getting impossible to scoll down to read as soon as you stop scolling down it shoots straight back to the top.

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